illustration portfolio avocado set

illustration portfolio avocado set

illustration portfolio avocado set
illustration portfolio avocado set

7 Functions Of Avocados For Health, Overcome Heart Disease to Prevent Stress

Avocado is one of the popular fruits not only in Indonesia but counted almost all the world. You can eat avocado with the step of being eaten directly without any additions or processed into a variety of foods such as juices or salads.

Besides delicious, it turns out that the fruit that comes from America precisely Mexico is rich in a good percentage of nutrients that protect the body's fitness such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B1, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Considering the high percentage of nutrients is highly recommended for those of you who are on a diet program or not to diligently consume avocados.

1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

It is common knowledge that eating avocados is believed to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

This is because avocados have a high percentage of unsaturated fats in order to reduce blood cholesterol in the body.

If the percentage of stable blood cholesterol eats automatically the following subject will avoid you from the risk of various diseases calculated as heart disease.

2. Lower Cholesterol

researchers at Penn State University found that consuming one avocado a day is believed to support lowering LDL bad cholesterol.

This cholesterol often accumulates in the walls of blood vessels and carries the impact of a stroke or heart attack.

3. Helps Fetal Brain Development

One of the nutrients that pregnant women need is folic acid. This nutrient is very good for the fitness of pregnant women and the fetuses they contain. Avocados are one of the good sources of folic acid to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

Some uses that can be obtained while consuming avocados are able to protect the fitness of the digestive process, handle morning sickness, maintain the percentage of cholesterol, relieve leg cramps, support the absorption of nutrients and improve brain development in the fetus.

4. Prevent Cancer

Several studies have revealed that avocados have properties that can support cancer. Avocado function here works by reducing the side effects of the chemotherapy process on lymphocytes. In fact, countless avocados are proven to be able to resist the development of prostate cancer cells.

However, it should always be remembered that this study was completed in isolated cells and did not necessarily show what might be running in humans. So regarding the usefulness of avocados to cure cancer is well consulted with the doctor.

5. Helps Absorb Nutrients

To protect health, we must not only pay attention to the nutrients that enter the digestion, but we must pay attention to how then the following nutrients can be absorbed completely by the body.

Some nutrients are soluble in fat so that they must be combined with other fats in order for the body to get its benefits to the maximum.

Adding avocado oil to the salad is believed to increase antioxidant absorption by 2.6 to 15 times. Therefore avocados are not only highly nutritious but calculated can have a big influence in increasing the nutritional value of other plant-based foods that you eat.

6. Healthy Skin

pretty skin

Diligently consuming avocados regularly can bring good effects to skin fitness. The content of vitamin E and lecithin in avocado will moisturize your skin naturally.

In addition to moisturising the skin consume avocado can be calculated to serve to fade blackened eye bags, resist wrinkles, hold oily skin and withstand acne.

7. Good for Eye Health

Antioxidants are lutein and zeaxanthin contained in avocados when consumed regularly will have a good impact on eye fitness.

The following can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Especially for the elderly. 

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