illustration vector avocado

illustration vector avocado 

illustration vector avocado
illustration vector avocado 

The Origin of This Avocado Name May Make You Uncomfortable

There are many reasons to make avocados one of our foods. This fruit has a good fat content for fitness and tastes good for those who like it. But you will likely be a little amused if you understand the origin of the name of this fruit. 

Avocados come from Mexico and Central America and are commonly eaten by the native Nahua tribe. In the past, the Nahua people called avocados along with the name ahuacatl, which counted to mean testicles. The researchers suspect that nahua people named this because of its similar shape of male body parts, as well as its function as an aphrodisiac or sexual arousal enhancer. According to nahua language researchers,

Magnus Pharao Hansen, PhD, said ahuacatl itself is used in the form of slang, just as Americans use the word "nuts". When the Spaniards came, they called the fruit aguacate. When the fruit is continued to be known in other areas, its name begins to change slightly. 

Americans who have problems pronouncing it then sell it under the names "avagato pear" and "alligator pear", until the continuation is called avocado.

In Europe, the first person to introduce this fruit was Martin Fernandez de Enciso, part of the Spanish army. Since then avocados began to be known by many inhabitants of the world. In Indonesia itself, this fruit was introduced by the Dutch to the 19th century and is known by the name of avocado or avocado. 

Luckily here the name doesn't have the equivalent of a ludicrous meaning.

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