3d illustration avocado

3d illustration avocado 

3d illustration avocado
3d illustration avocado 
Discover 7 Characteristics of Ripe and Legit Butter Avocados

Avocado, known as a fruit rich in benefits and delicious taste. In Indonesia, this fruit is too easy to find everywhere, available almost during the year. However, it turns out that it takes its own knowledge and experience to choose a good avocado, ripe, and definitely taste legit. This is also true for the style of butter avocados that are being popular with residents of this fitting. Immature avocado butter will certainly be hard and start to be more bitter. For those of you who want to eat avocado butter or process it into a variety of delicious dishes, then review some characteristics of ripe avocado butter.
These are some of the features of ripe avocado butter
1. The skin is greenish green
characteristics of avocado butter
To check the ripeness of avocado butter, the most light subject you can run is to pay attention to the color of the skin. Avocados with green skin tone indicate a young age. That is, the longer the green, the younger the age of the avocado. Be sure to opt for avocados that have a bright purple and glossy skin tone. Avoid choosing avocados that are dull purple skin and mushy when pressed, because they are at risk of overcooking and approaching rot.

Don't try to split an avocado just to ensure its ripeness. Because if the avocado skin is open when the fruit is not ripe, then this subject will disrupt the cycle of maturity. The peeled avocado will become immature.
If you plan not to consume your butter avocado immediately, then choose a green one, then store it appropriately until the skin switches color signal ready to be consumed.

2. Fruit texture begins to tender
characteristics of avocado butter
In addition to looking at skin tone, another way to ensure the ripeness of butter avocado is to check its texture. Avocado butter that has been cooked will start to be tender, not hard or benyek. When checking the texture of the fruit, be sure to take advantage of it the right way.

The correct way to check the texture of this fruit is to take advantage of the entire palm slowly. Avoid using one finger to press the surface of the fruit because it risks causing damage to the fruit. In addition, fingering by utilizing the entire palm will make you save time because you can check more avocado butter in a shorter fit.

3. Stalks of ripe avocado butter green
characteristics of avocado butter
The characteristic of avocado butter to ensure its ripeness is to examine the stalk members of its fruit. If the remaining stem members of the avocado stalk, pick them slowly and carefully. This aims to check the hole left by the stem of the stalk. This hole can be an indicator of a fairly effective level of ripeness of the fruit.

When it's green, it means that the butter avocado is perfectly cooked. But if it's light brown, it means avocados are still immature. While if the hole has a dark brown or black color, then it means that the avocado has matured too much.

4. The fruit is lightly peeled from its skin
characteristics of avocado butter
Peel the lpukat to understand its maturity. (Photo: Unsplash)
If you have run the above stages, you can confirm its maturity by reviewing the avocado. The correct way to study avocado butter is from the middle horizontally, not from the stalk and vertically as many people have run all this time.

5. Avocado butter meat is soft and clean
characteristics of avocado butter

If you make sure to buy buttered avocados in a supermarket, then the most light way to ensure their maturity is to check the physicality of the fruit meat.

Perfectly cooked butter avocado will have soft, clean meat. If it is too old or ripe, usually the butter avocado meat will tend to look a lot of black fiber.

6. Fruit seeds lightly detached from the meat
characteristics of avocado butter
Another feature of butter avocado that can be an indicator of its maturity level is its seed members. It is also one of the traditional ways that is quite effective. Ripe avocados usually have a tendency to take fruit seeds lightly regardless. To understand the quality and ripeness of avocado butter, simply shake the fruit. If there is a sound that indicates the seeds of the fruit are rocking or even falling, then the next butter avocado is worth consuming.

7. Ripenish avocados
characteristics of avocado butter
How about buying an immature avocado? Relax, you can still ripe avocados quickly. The tip, utilizing clean socks to stray avocados, is to place in areas with room temperature. Alternatively, you can also put avocado in a used paper bag of coffee packaging and fast food. 

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