illustration vector wood

illustration vector wood

illustration vector wood

illustration vector wood

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Not Only for Wall Coverings, Here Are 5 Other Functions wallpapers

As the name implies, wallpaper is actually used to close and decorate walls. However, it turns out that wallpaper can also be used to overspile furniture or home accessories.
here's an alternative to using wallpaper as a room sweetener


Wallpaper can be used as tablecloths. Maybe you become a corner table in the living room is completely deserted color or so contained a lot of stains and scratches on the surface. Wallpaper can lead to a more attractive table view. To do this, find a walllpaper motif that fits the theme of your room, then cut it into cross-section sizes on the table.

Substitute Painting

In addition to paintings and family photos, wallpaper can also be used as wall hanging material. Scissors wallpaper suitable pigura area or suitable desire, next paste on the wall. The walls won't appear mediocre.

Backdrop Book Cabinet

Valuable collectible books also deserve a decent area—not just a regular wooden closet. Wallpaper scissors match the size of the closet and stick them on the back, sides, or all over the surface of the book cabinet.

Decorating Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen utensils are often considered to be unable to be given any creations. But in fact, you can decorate kitchen utensils such as refrigerators, microwaves, or kitchen tables with wallpaper. Thus, the kitchen equipment will also seem exclusive.

Stairs Lining

Do the stairs in the house appear monotonous? Wallpaper can beautify the look. Surely not all the stairs will be layered with wallpaper. Give a touch of wallpaper on the vertical side of the stairs or on the edge of the flat side so that the stairs are not slippery.
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