adobe illustrator design download tree

 adobe illustrator design download tree

adobe illustrator design download tree
adobe illustrator design download tree
The Meaning of trees for life
Trees are the style of living creatures that are absolutely absolute for human life as well as other creatures. It is called living things because trees grow and develop. The growth of trees starts from seeds until growing shoots then become large, flowering, fruiting and then growing new trees.

A very dense forest cannot mean anything without trees with various styles and groups. Trees or trees are wooded plants, and are divided into two groups of plants: The first group of trees rooted in support (dichotil) consists of the trunk of the tree is the main trunk that grows upright the tree title, root, and root support is useful to strengthen the standing of the tree. The trunk of the tree is the main part of the tree, and becomes the main link with the root part as a water absorber, and minerals. Branches are also stems, but smaller in size comes from helpfully expanding the space for leaf development to get more sunlight and also enclose rival plants around it.
The stem is wrapped together with the skin that cares for the stem comes from damage, and the smaller branches are twigs, and leaves to photosynthesis. Both groups of trees are rooted fibers (monokotil) consisting of trees, roots, pelepah, and leaves, trees rooted in fibers not branched examples of coconut trees.

The presence of trees in this forest triggered many other animals to come. Trees and animals are a form of mutually beneficial interaction with each other. In a forest where the animals are still preserved together either can indirectly take care of the area of the forest itself. The spread of seeds derived from fruit eaten by animals can trigger the area of the forest so it adds more and more each year. For example, a monkey eats guava and then the guava seeds ingested by the monkey can then come out in line with the feces. Seeds left in monkey droppings can grow over time.
We also see this mutually beneficial interaction when it comes to coffee plants with civets. Civets that eat coffee fruit can then erode their feces in other areas. After that it grows new coffee in other areas without any human intervention system available. Looking at these two examples, the natural succession that takes place in the forest can take place without human protection along with the record rate of forest clearing for agriculture or industrial needs can be reduced.
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