t shirt design dimensions illustrator logos

 t shirt design dimensions illustrator

t shirt design dimensions illustrator logos
t shirt design dimensions illustrator logos
7 Easy Steps in How to Design A T-Shirt
The way the t-shirt design is about not being able to be separated comes from the shirt itself, because of course the interesting t-shirt is the t-shirt alongside the attractive design. The design of a t-shirt is the first to spark interest in it. T-shirts that have interesting designs include of course that trigger others to notice you. That's why it's necessary for you to understand how the best t-shirt design you can do. If you design a t-shirt as good as possible and fit with what the market wants at the moment, then it can be received with a warm welcome. There will be many consumers who are interested after that shopping for the t-shirt you designed.

So what if you don't understand how interesting t-shirts should be designed? Of course, you need the latest t-shirt design steps. If you have an idea or source of your own t-shirt design ideas it doesn't matter. Because your idea is able to modify so that it fits together what is standard in designing a good and interesting t-shirt. It's not just about designing t-shirts that you can decide which is right and what's not right. There are many considerations in terms of the number of productions, production wktu, and various other aspects that you can know along with the more experience you design. So it doesn't have to be a design if you understand how the t-shirt design steps are done.

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7 Easy Steps in How to Design A T-Shirt

A cool and attractive design and also good comes from a t-shirt produced through more than one stage or step. In this discussion you can understand that there are 7 stages or steps. Learn what these steps are and see how to implement them. Once you understand what you want to run and how your coveted t-shirt design is designed, immediately practice the above ways with adaptation coming from your idea as well. Here's the full information on the 7 steps mentioned earlier: 

1. Know What Purpose T-Shirts Are Made

A t-shirt is designed alongside a specific object for sure. You're absolutely ready to clear this object before you start designing it. If actually t-shirts are made for promotional and publication objects, then there is a brand value that you need to put forward. Then if actually the object of the t-shirt is made only to be worn only, then the absolute thing you put forward is the value of comfort and quality to use. In addition, you also need to be clear who to wear this t-shirt, this will be too supportive for you throughout the design system later.

2. Determine the Overall T-shirt Making Budget

When you design anything, it counts as a t-shirt there is an aspect of cost or budget that you need to know from the beginning. If you are clear how much of the budget comes from the making of this shirt and its overall design, then you can choose what you want the shirt to be made. The price pegged chooses the t-shirt material like what you choose to use, how many colors are used to regulate printing costs later, and many other aspects of the design that are related to the price. Therefore, determine and know how much budget comes from making the t-shirt you are working on.

3. Know What Type of Screen printing is used

There are many models of t-shirt design screen printing to the surface of the t-shirt in the meantime. Of course you are familiar with screen printing techniques, direct to garment printing (DTG), vinyl graphics, and many more types. Determining from the beginning what screen printing model you're going to enable later is too important. This will cause you to be clearer in managing the time, cost, material, and results of printing screen printing later. If you actually choose to enable a particular screen printing model, then make sure that the time, cost, ingredients, and results you expect already match the characteristics derived from this screen printing.

4. Define the Design Concept of the Selected T-shirt

After all the things you need to know in the beginning you've got and determined, then now you can choose what design plan you choose. Be sure to enable all information that has been obtained before. As when t-shirts are made intended for exercise, it functions the right materials and designs like what characterizes athletes who will use. If the t-shirt is made with an object to carry out the promotion of an activity, then make sure the absolute information comes from the event that will be held in the design of the t-shirt made.

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5. Evaluation of Design Results Made

After the design results have been made, then carry out more than one evaluation derived from the results of the design. What is your favorite color? Is this t-shirt suitable for later use by the user object? Ask the people around you to support you to assess and evaluate the results of the shared design more objectively. If something really needs to be fixed, fix your shirt design as not true one way of designing the shirt inside the finishing member. If you have, then you can proceed to the next stage.

6. Save it in the Right File Type

The most recent design results need to be stored in more than one model file. This is done in anticipation of the printing area later. Don't even put the old file incorrectly to take over the new file. So be sure to name the shared date file to clear which of the last one comes from.

7. Find the Best Printing

Finally, you can take the design to the t-shirt printing. Make sure you know the quality of this printing. Make sure that the t-shirt can be finished printing as you need. If the t-shirt has been so check about what is still lacking and tell the printing press to be evaluated and repaired further. 

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