illustration free mask

illustration free mask

illustration free mask
illustration free mask
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Why It's Important to Wear a Mouth Mask
According to research, using mouth masks correctly has a variety of uses for health, including:

1. avoid exposure to air pollution

Smoke from motor vehicles, factories, cigarettes, and dust, is more than one model of air pollution that can be found every day. Well, exposure to this pollution can affect lung performance and increase the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, heart disease, and premature birth.

For residents living in high-polluting places, this is the main reason for wearing a mouth mask when seen at home. Masks, especially N95 masks, are able to filter out dirty air before they are inhaled by the nose.

2. Prevent the transmission and spread of diseases

According to a number of studies, using mouth masks can help prevent you from transmitting or contracting various diseases, such as flu, cough, ISPA, and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Therefore, wearing a mouth mask is capable of being incorrect one of the best ways so that we do not lightly contract or transmit diseases. Masks used correctly can help prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading through mucus or liquid seen while you sneeze or cough.

3. Protect your face from the negative effects of sunlight and pollution

The reason for wearing a mouth mask that is no less absolute is to protect more than one facial skin from the negative effects of air pollution and sun exposure. Prolonged and repeated exposure to sunlight and air pollution is thought to lead to premature aging and an increased risk of recurrence of eczema, acne, black spots, and skin cancer.

In addition to masks, also wear sunglasses, hats, and take advantage of sunscreen to protect the body from sun exposure.

Choosing a Mouth Mask
As mentioned above, there are two models of masks that are commonly used in general, namely surgical masks and N95 masks. The next two models of masks have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Surgical mask

This mouth mask is able to protect the respiratory tract from splashes of sneezing and coughing others. This model mask prevents droplets of bodily fluids containing viruses and germs visible through the nose or mouth. The downside is, small particles like viruses in the air can still be inhaled even though wearing this mask.

Mask N95

Named N95 because it is thought to be able to filter particles in the air up to 95%. This mouth mask is made so that it fits the face so that there are no gaps that are too likely to enter the virus by air. But it costs more than a regular surgical mask.

Basically, the reason for wearing a mouth mask is as a tool to protect, prevent, and reduce the negative influence of pollution particles or germs in the air that can interfere with our health.

But kudu remember, wearing a mouth mask can not be used as a prime protector from pollution, viruses, or germs. There could still be loose gaps in the mask with faces that are too likely germs or small particles to enter the mouth or inhaled by the nose.

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In addition to using masks, you also kudu diligently clean your hands, clean the residence and protect the quality of air in the house, avoid exposure to pollution, and protect the distance with people who are sick, to protect health and prevent contracting diseases 

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