illustration templates ramadan karem

illustration templates ramadan karem

illustration templates ramadan karem
illustration templates ramadan karem

 The meaning of Ramadan in general is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. And during Ramadan, Muslims will celebrate normality and move the obligation as Muslims to fast.

Ramadan will take place over the next 29 to 30 days based on the moon. The meaning of Ramadan itself is confiscated from the Arabic language of ramada or ar-ramad which has the meaning of scorching heat or drought. This includes ramadan, which falls for the ninth month and is the temporary occurrence of a hot summer.

Muslims are required to fast from dawn until sunset to this month. Although ramadan coincides with summer, Muslims must fast because it is an obligation.

In addition, the meaning of Ramadan which is hot is considered as the sun that is so hot and able to wash away the sins of Muslims. Muslims believe that unless they perform acts of worship and include fasting in Ramadan, sins will be forgiven.

In Islam, the meaning of Ramadan is too noble and has a meaning that is too special because there are various important moments. Some absolute concerns about the meaning of Ramadan for Muslims 

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