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illustration templates holiday

illustration templates holiday
illustration templates holiday

Ramadan (/1ræməˈd aːn/; Arabic: رم서ان Ramaān

Ramadan (/1ræməˈd aːn/; Arabic: رم서ان Ramaān, also described as Ramazan, Ramadan, or Ramathan) is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and is celebrated by Muslims around the world with fasting (saum) and commemorates the first revelation that descends on the Prophet Muhammad according to the belief of Muslims This annual celebration is revered as one derived from the pillars of Islam.Ramadan can last for 29–30 days based on hilal observations, according to some of the provisions listed in the hadith.

The word Ramadan comes from the Arabic hemp or ar-rama, meaning scorching heat or drought. [9] Ramadan fasting in its law is a fardhu (obligatory) for adult Muslims, except to experience obstacles to do so such as being sick, on the way, getting old, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetes or having menstruation. The obligation to fast during Ramadan falls on the second year of Sha'ban after the hijra of Muslims comes from Mecca to Medina. The month of Ramadan begins with the determination of the crescent moon as a sign of the new moon.

During fasting from morning to evening, Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink any liquid, smoke, and have biological contact In addition, they are instructed to abstain from sinful behaviors to complete the reward of fasting, such as bad speech (such as insulting, slandering, cursing, lying) and fighting. Food and drink can be prepared every day, namely before the sun rises (Dawn) until the setting of the Sun (Magrib). The spiritual approach (repentance) during Ramadan is often done. Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan is mostly followed by increasing prayer and reciting the Quran. 

Ramadan Kareem islamic design crescent moon and mosque dome silhouette with arabic pattern and calligraphy

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