illustration in graphic design bigraund fast food

illustration in graphic design bigraund fast food

illustration in graphic design bigraund fast food
illustration in graphic design bigraund fast food

Understanding & Function Illustration In Graphic Design

Elever – Illustration is a visualization of a writing, story or an idea done with drawing techniques, photography, painting, and other fine art techniques. Illustrations can be created using several methods, namely:

Manual Method This manual method is a method of creating illustrations that still use manual tools such as pencils, picture books, drawing pens, crayons, brushes, paints etc. Starting from the point that forms the line until finally become an illustration

Digital method is an illustration made using a computer with various applications of image processing with vector and bitmap forms, in digital methods no longer need manual drawing tools because in digital methods we have been able to create illustrations starting from the sketch stage to finish with the tools that have been provided by the image processing software.

Digital methods and manual methods can also be combined for the creation of an illustration for example sketching drawings with pencils and then scanned and finished using a computer

Illustration Function

There are several functions of illustration in general according to Arifin and Kusrianto. The functions of the illustration are as follows:


The descriptive function of illustration is to replace the description of something verbally and narratively by using long sentences.

Illustrations can be used to paint so that they can be faster and easier to understand.


The function of illustration in showing and expressing an idea, feeling, intention, situation or abstract concept becomes real so that it is easy to understand.

Analytical / Structure

Illustrations can show details part by piece of a bnda or ssitem or process in detail, to make it easier to understand.


This function is often used to create lists, tables, graphics, cartoons, photos, drawings, sketches, and symbols.

and illustrations are needed in walpeper design to beautify the appearance to make it more attractive.

Fast food. Seamless background. Vector fast food pattern,simple and easy

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