illustration inspiration family wearing protective

illustration inspiration family wearing protective

illustration inspiration family wearing protective


As we know together with that the transmission of coronavirus is able to pass droplets or splashes that are issued when we cough or talk. Contagion takes place when sparks are inhaled by others nearby. Therefore, the mask is made to protect from droplets that are removed by others so that it does not enter our nose and mouth or vice versa, so that our droplets do not concern others because we are not aware of us or our interlocuians who are carriers of the virus. There are 3 models of masks that are recommended to the public so as to stop the spread of coronavirus, in others:


In accordance with the direction of the Ministry of Health, people are recommended to wear cloth masks when having to travel outside the house, for example when having to work or shop for monthly necessities. Cloth masks are still able to remove more than one splash of saliva (droplets) visible when talking, sighing, or coughing and sneezing. So if used together correctly, this mask is still able to reduce the spread of corona virus in the community, especially from people infected with the virus but do not have any signs.


This type of mask once used is lightly encountered and often used by medical personnel while on duty. If you are sick, you are more recommended to use a mask along with the following three functions because it is efficient in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, such as Corona virus infection. Although efficient to stop the Corona virus, because the stock is running low, nowadays surgical masks are preferred to protect medical personnel who work in freshness services or people who are sick to prevent transmission of the virus to others.


N95 masks are included efficiently to prevent the transmission of corona virus. Masks that tend to be more expensive than surgical masks are not only able to remove saliva splashes, but include small particles in the air that may have viral content. Although the protection is better, N95 masks are not recommended for daily use. This is due to its design that makes people who wear it able to breathe difficulty, sultry, and not feel at home wearing it in a rather long period of time. This mask is preferred to be used for medical personnel who are in direct contact with COVID-19 patients, such as doctors and nurses working in COVID-19-specific isolation areas or in IGD.

Using masks is very efficient in the prevention of coronavirus. In addition, hand washing is similarly important along with wearing a mask. For now the government is very eager to campaign for the use of masks, feeling from social sanctions to material.

The included masks are known along with personal protective equipment. As a personal protective equipment, the mask is designed to provide additional assistance to the wearer and not the other way around to be a means of transmission or transmission due to incorrect utilization. Here are the directions using the correct mask:

Make sure you've washed your hands together properly.

If you're wearing a surgical mask, make sure the outer side is green and the inside is white.

Put the mask straps together nicely. If the mask strap must be tied, lock the top especially first, then the bottom.

Make sure the mask covers your nose, mouth and chin together perfectly. Also make sure the metal part is on the nose bar.

The curve of the metal strip follows the curve of the nose until there is no hole left.

Avoid touching the moderate part of the mask while using and skipping the mask.

Remove the mask to the trash area and wash your hands thoroughly after using the mask.

So let's correct our steps in using masks, keep using the mask together correctly wherever and under any circumstances when eating the mask must actually be removed. Including when we are interacting with others we must still use the mask, also pay attention in wearing and discarding the mask.

Stick to the freshness protocol wherever you are for freshness along with 

family wearing protective Medical mask for prevent virus.Dad Mom Daughter Son wearing a surgical mask.

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