illustration free download whale

illustration free download whale

illustration free download whale
illustration free download whale

Whale (mammal)

Humpback Whale

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammals

Subclass: Eutheria

Order: Cetaceans

Whales or lodans (specifically toothed and not small) are groups of mammals that live in the oceans. The term "whale" is given to the large part of the Cetacean nation. Whales do not belong to the fish family. The Pope has the following characteristics:

breathing with the lungs

have hair (slightly, mostly in adult whales)


have mammary glands

has a heart together with four rooms

Ancient whales evolved towards the mid-tempo Eocene, approximately 50 million years old. ago. One of the earliest extinct whales was a Basilosaurus with a small, protruding, toothed head. Basilosaurus is 25 meters long.

Fossils show that whales come from ground-humped animals, perhaps derived from animals such as Mesonychid (wolves-like animals living on the coast) that gradually inhabit the oceans for approximately 50 million years. ago. Another animal that has turned to whales is Ambulocetus, a mammal the size of a seal but 3 metres long and weighing 325 kilograms.

In this era, two groups of whales are known, the toothed whale (Odontoceti) and the toothed whale (Mysticeti). Toothed Odontoceti whales are predators that feed on fish, cuttlefish, and marine mammals, having a single respiratory hole. The toothed whales are closely related along with dolphins and pesut. The toothless whale is larger than the toothed whale and has a structure known as a brush-shaped balin. This structure is useful for filtering plankton, their food, in water. The whale has two breathing holes. 

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