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illustration icon avocado

illustration icon avocado
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5 Uses of Raw Avocados For Health

Avocado fruit as one type of fruit that's already familiar is in great demand with a variety of processed types. Some people like to consume it by being weded, made pudding, and some eat it immediately with extra milk or creamer. Avocados are not only used to eat, but there are also those who use them to treat the freshness of the skin as a face mask. Usually, avocados are used while the fruit is cooked because it has a sweet taste and tender fruit meat. But it turns out, avocados that have been raw can be used both for freshness and for beauty.

Benefits of raw avocados

Some functions that can be obtained from avocados that are always raw include:

1.As Medicine Maag

Without any additional ingredients, avocados have a variety of nutritional measures and vitamins such as vitaminS A, B complex, C, D and E. Various measures contained in the avocado is what can overcome the stomach ulcers suffered without having to take advantage of chemical drugs that are widely sold in the market. By eating raw avocados raw can have better properties compared to avocados that have been processed.

2.Maintaining Facial Skin Health

Maintaining the freshness of the face in order to obtain a healthy face and look beautiful is widely completed by women. Various cosmetic products that are believed to increase the beauty of the face is used in order to obtain a beautiful face skin. One of the light ways to obtain a smooth and awake facial skin can be completed by utilizing raw avocado. Using an avocado mask that was originally used as porridge, especially in the past, is believed to increase the beauty of facial skin. Doing a face mask with raw avocado can overcome various cases inside the face skin such as acne, acne scars, black stains, and other scars

3.Reduces The Risk of Heart Disease and Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease is caused by one of the reasons for the high amount of cholera in the blood. Cholesterol is caused by the consumption of excess fat. But not all fats can raise the cholera measure. Tired fat can increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood, but there is a type of fat that does not raise the cholesterol measure that is positive unsaturated fats. Raw avocados have a single measure of positive fat and double-fat. Both types of fats can further reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. With the decrease in cholesterol, it can reduce the risk of the appearance of heart disease.

In addition to having a measure of fat that can lower cholesterol levels, avocados can also increase the freshness of the heart by providing additional nutrients that are good for the heart. Raw avocados have a measure of folate or vitamin B9 that provides additional nutrients that are good for the heart.

4.Lose Weight

Avocado is one of the fruits that are high in calories and have a high fat measure as well. Many people mention that avocados are not good for freshness because of their high fat and calorie levels. Despite having a high amount of fat, avocados can not cause fat. Avocados have a measure of meat fat that can cause the effects of satiety for longer so that it can suppress appetite. Eating a little raw avocado can cause the stomach to become full and satisfy hunger. That way, there can be no more calorie and fatty foods that can be re-consumed because the stomach becomes full.

5.Reducing Liver Damage

According to research conducted in Japan, avocados can reduce damage to liver organs caused by viruses such as hepatitis. With regular consumption of avocados, the risk of developing diseases of the liver can gradually improve.

Consuming fruits is very good for the wrong freshness of avocados. Avocado fruit can be consumed in a raw atmosphere and has a very wide variety of properties both for freshness and beauty. It doesn't have to be a difficult way to get a healthy body and beautiful skin because there are many natural ingredients that can help take care of the body.


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