illustration artist cartoon avocado

illustration artist cartoon avocado

illustration artist cartoon avocado

illustration artist cartoon avocado

  Amused, This Is The Origin of The Name of Avocados Rarely Know

Must be familiar with this one fruit.

Avocados are actually not really one fruit that is quite famous among mothers.

In addition to its good taste, avocados include having a myriad of functions that are beneficial for the freshness and beauty of the body.

Call it the highest percentage of vitamin E in avocados among other fruits.

Vitamin E is too useful as an anti-aging skin.

Taking This Vitamin Can Increase Your Chances of Conceiving More!

In addition, vitamin E in avocados can include additional positive influences on heart disease, stroke, cancer prevention, and cataract development.

For Moms who are pregnant, this green fruit is a natural source of folate that is too important for healthy fetal growth.

Well interestingly the origin of the name of this fruit is quite ludicrous.

Avocados come from Mexico and Central America commonly eaten by the native Nahua tribe.

In the past, the Nahua people called avocados by the name of ahuacatl, which included the meaning of testicles.

The researchers suspected that the Nahua people named the avocado by the following name because of its excessively similar shape to the intimate limbs of the male body.

What's more, avocados are actually an incorrect one aphrodisiac or sexual arousal enhancer.

According to BHS Nahua researcher Magnus Pharao Hansen, PhD, the word ahuacatl itself is used in the form of bhs slang, just like Americans use the word "nuts".

Well when known in other areas, the name of avocados finally changed slightly.

Spaniards usually refer to avocados by the name of aguacate.

Unlike americans who find it difficult to pronounce afterwards, avogato pear and alligator pear are called avocados. 

Realistic vector avocados illustration. Whole and cut avocado isolated on white background.eps 10

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