how to graphic design a logo

 how to graphic design a logo

how to graphic design a logo
how to graphic design a logo

What Makes a Good Logo? 7 Top Logo Design Tips

Boths are not made in heaven. Although it would be better if they were, and if they were top down every newbie designer sitting scratching their head trying to figure out how to make a good logo. But that's not how big the logo was born.

If you're new to design and have the task of creating a logo for a business, product or organization, this article will help you to identify what a good logo design looks like, how to come together a logo, and share a logo design over one trick to help speed up the logo creation process. In this tutorial, I'm going to share the playbook logo along with each guideline from Envato in Placeit Logo Maker.

Logo type

Before we get inside what results in a good logo, it's worth taking more than one while to choose what the logo is. This logo is essentially an emblem that helps identify and promote businesses, products, organizations, etc.

The logo comes in three basic forms:

abstract symbols, if nike swoosh

illustration symbol that shows identical what the company cashed, if the vacuum cleaner to clean the service house

font-based logo, if coca cola

Most companies that take advantage of abstract emblems or illustrations tend to combine their chosen emblems with font-based logos that make their logos easier to remember, especially in the early days before their logos became self-recognizable.

7 Tips for Creating a Logo

So now I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. I'll give you my best logo resulting in tips along with a good logo design coming from Placeit Logo Maker, so you'll understand theoretically as well as visually what's resulting in a good logo.

1. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is entirely when it comes to big logos. Simple logos are easy to know and remember, and easy to use against a variety of merchandise:

2. Make It Memorable

Your logo is an introduction to your brand, so the need to identify and differentiate your brand comes from others, capture the attention of your audience and leave a positive and lasting impression. This is why a large logo counts as impressive

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3. Choose Your Color Wisely

Color plays a big role in a good logo design. It catches the eye, brings up emotions, and conveys a message. So, it's important to think about what you want to communicate with the colors you choose while coming up with your logo design ideas. Here's a look at the colors that work together well:

4. Trends Approach Carefully

You crave your logo to stand the test of time, so don't be so trendy that your design appears on the 10th or 50th. after you make it. Here's a timeless logo design:

5. Make It Relevant

Use colors, fonts and graphics that reflect your company's image to convey what you want. You assert that your logo is relevant when your audience gives you a good idea of what your business is all about:

6. Make It Versatile

Logos are mandatory in a variety of media, so you can must be able to scale them down or up and use them in print or on the web, without them losing their distinctive quality. Here's a good logo design that counts as versatile:

7. Use Online Resources and Tools

You don't have to break the bank or reinvent the wheel to result in a big logo. There are online tools that benefit like Placeit Logo Maker to help you result in a big logo. Placeit Logo Maker is free and easy to use, although you'll pay a small fee to download your high quality logo creations: 

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