illustration example bananas

illustration example bananas 

illustration example bananas
illustration example bananas 


BANANA is actually a fruit rich in usability for fitness and is well liked by many people in the world.

The price of bananas is also very affordable, that's why bananas become one of the favorite fruits that many people are looking for.

But not so long ago there was astounding news about bananas. An artist made a banana as a work of art, where one banana was plastered on a white wall in an art gallery, and sold for Rp1.6 billion, as reported from the odditycentral page.

The artwork, titled 'Comedian', is an original work of art by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan from the Paris Perrotin gallery on sale this week, at the Art Basel festival in Miami.

The first edition of the artwork was purchased by a French art collector for USD$120,000 or approximately Rp 1.6 billion.

According to gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin, moreover, the 2nd edition of the artwork titled 'Comedian' has been sold for the same price.

After successfully selling two bananas for a total of USD$240,000 or approximately Rp3.2 billion, perrotin artists and gallery owners made the decision to raise the price of the third edition to USD$150,000 or approximately Rp2.1 billion. SAng artists and gallery owners also admitted to being surprised unless the artwork was able to sell at a fantastic price.

"We sold it, it's a miracle, I didn't realize how this happened" a representative from emmanuel perrotin gallery told reporters.

Looking at the best selling of the artwork, the artist Cattelan is considered a bit of a 'prankster' in the art world. But Perrotin gallery ensures that the art that is now galvanizing the art world is no joke.

In fact, the artist is thought to have had the idea for a 'comedian' already from last year, and used a lot of fitting to consider every factor from the artwork, from the fruit form, to the angle that has been affixed to the wall and the size of the wall itself. Even the artist's prefix is considered to enable fake bananas.

"Every time he travels, he carries a banana and hangs it in his hotel room in search of inspiration, he makes the first part of the resin, then bronze, bronze in the paint, until the continuation of the kemblai to the initial idea of enabling the original banana" said a Perrotin Gallery representative.

Perhaps you're wondering why artists and galleries next set amazing prices for the artwork titled 'Comedian'. The next thing is because they are trying to strike a balance on a quantity that is considered insignificant, or that would be considered a freak.

Due to the viral 1980s, 'Comedian' was a hit at Art Basel Miami, with visitors queuing up to take selfies with him. But organizers are not worried that the expensive artwork will probably be stolen.

If that happens, they've got another banana. After all, without a certificate of authenticity from Maurizio Cattelan, the banana is a regular banana affixed to a white wall. 

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