illustration icon logo for steak

illustration icon logo for steak

illustration icon logo for steak
illustration icon logo for steak
The Meaning of Illustration By Experts

According to Wikipedia, Illustration is the result of visualization derived from a post along with drawing techniques, painting, photography, or other fine art techniques that emphasize the interding of the subject along with the post in question rather than the shape.
The purpose of the illustration itself is to explain or decorate a story, writing, poem, or other written info. Expected along with visual protection, the next post is easier to digest.

Definition of Illustration according to KBBI

The definition of illustration according to the Great Dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI), illustration is an image (photo, painting) to help clarify the filling of books, essays, and so on. Or count as an image, design, or diagram for decorators (cover pages and so on). In addition, additional illustrations are intangible examples, comparisons, and so on to further clarify exposure (writing and so on)
The Meaning of Illustration By Experts

Some people who are experts in language, express their opinions about theory, opinions or ideas about a term. Here's a definition of illustration according to experts.
1. According to Rohidi (1984:87), illustration is a depiction of an element of the role of explaining, explaining, and embellishing a text, so that the reader can feel directly through his own eyes, the nature, and impressions available in the story presented.

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2. According to Soedarso (1990:1), illustration is a painting or art in the form of images that are enshrined for other purposes, which can add explanations and accompany a sense, such as a short story in a magazine.
3. According to Fariz (2009:14), illustration is a form of expectation derived from impossibility and unavailableness that is not as far away as wishful thinking, which is virtual or virtual, and also the illustration is present in as a diverikasi.

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