illustration stock seamless pattern

illustration stock seamless pattern 

illustration stock seamless pattern

illustration stock seamless pattern 

Understanding Pattern and Texture In Graphic Design

in the design contained some elements as the basis for the formation of the design. against this meeting, we will only focus on "Understanding Pattern and Texture". These two terms are very often applied to both 2d and 3d graphic design.
Why do I know the following two terms? because of whatever design is created, there will definitely be such an element. therefore, please study carefully the explanation below.

What is Pattern?

Pattern is a basic structure that adjusts the surface continuously and regularly. the pattern is able to be depicted inside as an infinite repetitive shape. The simplest pattern is the repetition of square shapes and vertical square block shapes.
The pattern focuses on repeating the same object. pattern dapa is made in different components which are then repeated with similar steps to all designs.
While Seamless Pattern or inside bhs indonesia "Seamless pattern" without defects. This pattern is a seamless pattern from the beginning to the end of the design, all patterns are a coherent one.
The use of Patterns becomes an absolute approach to design, when it wants to combine color, texture and depth.


Texture refers more to the quality of the use in a design and artwork. texture is able to interpret with the step of the object appears or feel (grope) its surface. there are many types of textures, fully capable of being depicted in shape, rough, smooth, shiny, etc. 
A texture that is able to be felt in real time is called Actual Texture. actual textures are more 3-dimensional artworks or paintings whose materials are actually affixed to paper.  for example back like a bamboo wean mat, which has a kala texture in raba.
Whereas textures that seem smooth and turn out to be rough, or don't match what we're witnessing are called Visual Textures. This type of texture is more to 2d or dwimatra. if the wall wallpaper appears like a rough stone arrangement, but it turns out that the appearance is smooth.

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