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earth illustration save earth
earth illustration save earth

Why Should We Care About the Environment?

By definition, the environment refers to more specific regions/regions/regions that in other meanings, in the law are referred to as jurisdictions that are all about changing the growth of humans and animals. The environment is also referred to as the existing power source configuration for the user.
Lessons in school introduce us to things that are related together with the environment. There is a physical environment that refers to specific objects or objects (e.g. mountains, rocks, animals, etc.)

 and non-physical refers to specific circumstances (e.g. school environment, family environment, etc.).
In addition, we are introduced to meanings such as abiotic components that refer to all members of a lifeless environment, and biotic components that refer to all lifeless members of the environment.
The question is, don't we then become awkward about the whole definition?
When observed, derived from all of the above definitions and groupings, the environment becomes "detached" or fragmented, and being "outside" comes from us. Regions, about which affect, or availability of resources, as a definition seem to be simply in place as objects and have no attachment to each other.

We must have a design that can show and connect it all, so that the environment can be observed as a whole. The concept that can connect it is the "relationship" design. The concept of intrinsic relationships in one entity is inseparable, namely ecology.
Ecology is not only known as a branch of science, by definition it means "the way" where plants, animals, as well as humans are related to each other, and then together with the environment.

Perhaps this meaning is familiar. Usually the word ecology is pinned together with other words such as against ecological crises, ecological unity, and so on. This understanding is closely related together with a way of view that should not only be dominated and centralized by mere human needs (anthropocentrism).

Let's change to a more holistic way of engaging both human and non-human (ecocentrism). We are also obliged to abandon our perspective on nature, where nature is only seen as existed, just to make ends meet.
When it comes to how important we are to the environment or more broadly to an ecological union, the answer is as important as a child to his parents, a tiny baby to his mother. The relationship is not about necessity, but about caring itself. A mother or parent loving her child or more deigning to sacrifice for her child is a concern.

In another study, in the nation-state draft, we learned that there are three elements of nation-state namely sovereignty, people, and territory. The region that is associated together with the ecological context means, ecology is actually one of the more derived from our modern life. Downgrade, egable, or more or more destroy one of them alone, meaning it results in damage to the body and kills ourselves.

In relation together with the elements of the nation-state, the other two elements are the people or ourselves, and also those who are martyred by sovereignty (government) can we understand as a subject who has an obligation to forever take care of the environment or ecology.

Another reason is because humans are essentially bound together with regeneration. We are given the right to ignore and be cared for, and at the same time have more responsibility to then bequeath a good environment/ecology to our next generation. This applies more and more to young people.

What can we care about? A simple answer comes from this crucial question. That we, our community, are obliged to start and constantly move so that comes from the smallest together with the parable of not eliminating litter, participating in tree planting and other activities. This task is not just for us. Sovereign government is an important subject for us to forever monitor, encourage, critical to create a better ecological unity.  

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