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illustration graphic design leaf
illustration graphic design leaf 
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 10 Ways to Prevent, Address and Tackle Global Warming
1. Reducing Fossil Fuel Use
Burning fossil fuels (such as premium and solar) produces carbon dioxide gas as a waste gas. If oil-fueled transportation is used and the amount grows longer, then the carbon dioxide discarded into the atmosphere will grow. As a result, global warming is going to get worse. Therefore, oil-fueled transportation equipment should be minimized in use. Reduce the use of special vehicles and use public transportation equipment so as to reduce carbon dioxide gas in the air.

Another way to reduce the use of fossil fuels is to use transportation equipment that does not produce carbon dioxide as a exhaust gas if along with using bicycles, hydrogen-fueled cars or better off unless we get used to walking at close range.

2. Using Alternative Energy
The second way to tackle global warming is to switch to Alternative Energy. Humans can actually use alternative energy to minimise things - things that could be the cause of global warming. The use of renewable alternative energy should be applied directly around the world. Fossil-fueled power plants must be replaced immediately along with clean energy, such as sunlight, wind, water, geothermal and biomass. The following energy sources are actually abundant but cannot be utilized to the maximum.

3. Do Not Cut Trees in the Jungle Indiscriminately
As we already know, trees are plants that can absorb CO2 gas and produce oxygen. By reducing the influence of illegal logging we are calculated to play a role in maintaining the sustainability of forests that are temporarily damaged.

Forests are an element that is too necessary for the sustainability of the world, because it is not true one function of the forest is as the lungs of the world as well as a balancing ecosystem. jungle especially the type of forest that has not been touched by humans has too good ecosystem balance so that many animals and plants live and survive from the influence of the outside environment.

4. Replanting Trees (replanting)
Trees and other types of chlorophyll plants play a vital role in cleaning the air. Because chlorophyll plants bring the power to process water, sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients into organic matter and oxygen.

Oxygen itself is not true one defining aspect of life of all living beings on earth. That's why it's too much needed. Without oxygen, humans and other living things cannot breathe. That's why the longer there are trees planted on earth, the longer the air can be cleaned from various pollutants.

5. Make Electricity Savings
The next way to tackle global warming is to implement electricity savings. Electricity is not a true form of energy that many humans need. Although not all humans use electricity, electricity is a vital energy in modern living culture. However, electricity from temporary power plants mostly uses fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide. The more electricity used, the longer the waste gas is carbon dioxide so that the influence of the greenhouse can deteriorate.

Therefore it is too necessary for us to implement electricity savings is not correct one way is together with Unplugging The Cable / Equipment From the Switch When Not Used and pinning the Lamp Usage.

6. Do Not Use Tools That Produce CFC Gas
CFC (Cloro Four Carbon) are compounds containing carbon atoms along with chlorine and fluorine attached to them. CFCs are mostly produced by air conditioning equipment, it should be noted that while CFCs contribute 20% in the process of greenhouse influences. Therefore, the use of CFCs must be discontinued even if the use of CFCs actually works for humans, but it must be considered the effect of the use of these CFCs.

In tackling the hot room temperature, we can design a building that carries a lot of air vents so that it does not have to use air conditioning or air conditioning. But if the use of air conditioning is actually necessary make sure we use non CFC ac that is environmentally friendly. Once counted together with refrigerators, we should use non CFC refrigerators to avoid greenhouse influences and also so that global warming does not get worse and harms humans.

 7. Improving Vehicle Quality along with Emissions Tests
The increasing number of motor vehicles passing through due to increased exhaust emissions as residue. As already known, exhaust emissions are the residual combustion result of vehicle engines be it wheeled vehicles, boats or airplanes.

Tightening standards and oversight in emissions tests is too necessary to determine the situation of the vehicle whether it is primed or not. Vehicles that have a prime situation will produce excellent combustion so that it does not damage the environment too much.

8. Implementing a Good Farm and Agricultural Cultivation System
Agricultural cultivation systems that use synthetic chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides can cause pollution and damage to the environment. That's why organic farming processes that are not polluting and damaging to the environment must be encouraged around the world. However, the use of organic materials that do not fit can have a bad impact on the environment. The use of organic fertilizers in the form of animal manure that has not been cooked has played a role in the influence of greenhouses. The following is due to the feces of animals that have not cooked is a source of methane gas that is not true one cause of the influence of greenhouses.
So we must affirm that the manure that we use is manure that has been cooked which is manure that has undergone the decomposition process. Cooking manure mostly carries a darker color than fresh manure and is calculated to have no (slight) unpleasant smell, unlike manure that remains fresh. Proper use of manure can reduce methane gas released into the Earth's atmosphere.

9. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Reduce, i.e. implement savings and reduce waste. For example, in the use of tissue and paper because tissue and paper are made of wood that must be cut down from trees in the forest. Or can be counted on buying products labeled environmentally friendly and also minimizing the use of styrofoam/plastic packaged products. And stop using aerosol sprays to reduce CFCs that can damage the Earth's Ozone layer.

Reuse, is a way of using garbage or reusing unused goods or the use of unused goods, so the following items are utilized again for the second use and so on. For example, such as using used paper for doodle paper or daily notes or using a handkerchief that can be used again instead of using tissue paper that is only disposable.

Recycle, which is to recycle more goods that can not be used so that goods give more benefits. For example, together with separating organic and an-organic goods then non-organic items such as plastic bottles can be created so that plant pots or pencil boxes and organic goods can be utilized into compost fertilizer.

10. Reduce Paper Usage
Overuse of paper is not true one big cause that influences global warming because together with us using a lot of paper means we also drive (cut down) many trees. Because the paper comes from wood. Thus, consuming high paper demands more and more tree felling. It's a detailed reason why we should minimize consuming paper wherever possible, for environmental sustainability. Therefore start from now on to reduce the use of paper if using paper as efficiently as possible.

That's 10 Effective Ways to Address Global Warming. How to solve the global warming problem above is a way that we consider efficient to save the earth. If global warming is not dealt with properly, it will have a bad effect on global warming for the inhabitants of the earth. Therefore, it must be for people to immediately do a real way to cope with this global warming so that it does not have a negative impact on the inhabitants of the earth.

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