illustration icon ice cream

illustration icon ice cream

illustration icon ice cream
illustration icon ice cream

Spectacular! Behind a Logo Of Stored Special Meanings. May Be Inspired!

Logos are absolutely used in the marketing of a product. Because the community will be able to together more lightly know the logo or image of the product even without a long info post. That's why the logo designers are expensive. Hhehe. For example, if you look at the big yellow M along with the red background, you certainly know that it's Mc Donalds. Whereas it certainly counts as mc donalds. It could be that the reason is another product whose logo follows McD so that the person ngira is real McD, when it turns out that it is not McD, but even McDono. I don't know what you're Such is the importance of the logo, to the point that the sudi people spend a lot of money to make it. But do you know if some of these kondang companies have hidden meanings in the logo? Quoted from boredpanda.com, here's the hidden message behind the logo.

1. Amazon buy and sell sites

So far many have thought the yellow line was a smile. Whereas it symbolizes an arrow from A to Z. That is, whatever item you are looking for, all available in Amamzon, from A to Z.

2. BEATS brand headphones

These headphones are really trending in Indonesia, until many sell kw goods. But know not if the letter B is not just the front letter of the product brand, but rather depicts someone smiling while wearing headphones. Oalah, that's it anyway!

3. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

Who doesn't eat ice cream on this one? But tau gak kalo apparently pink color in the br logo is the number 31, which symbolizes 31 variants of the flavor of the ice cream. Oh, my God, it's almost fooled! 

The ice cream balls are melted in an isolated waffle cone on a white background. Vector Flat line icons. Comic characters in a cartoon style illustration for your t-shirt design

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