cartoon illustration burger,

cartoon illustration burger

cartoon illustration burger
cartoon illustration burger

Definition of Illustrated Images

The illustration in a broad sense is summed up as a storytelling image. This understanding can include drawings on cave walls made in prehistoric times to comic drawings made today. A narrower sense, illustration is an image specifically created to accompany text like a book or ad to amplify the effect of the text. However, the growth of the wider world of illustration today has made it difficult to re-create definitions that could include all existing illustration models. Illustrations don't come back just in the form of images made to accompany text.

Based on the broad meaning of illustration, illustrations can be classified into several types, including science illustrations, story illustrations, scene illustrations, cartoon illustrations, and caricature illustrations.

Illustrations by science,

i.e. an illustrated drawing made to say science. Illustrated images of this model are contained against science books.

Story illustration, which is an illustration that contains the content of a story. This model illustration resembles a cartoon image, but it puts forward the depiction of the story so that it consists mostly of some interconnected images proving a sequence of stories.

Cartoon Illustration,

i.e. images of scenes, events, or behaviors that cause a sense of humor or humor. The term cartoon comes from latin, "cartoone" which means funny picture. In its development, cartoons after that became part of the category like political cartoon and gag cartoon. In Indonesia, the meaning of the term cartoon is often confused with the meaning of the term caricature. A cartoon is an image that further accentuates the cuteness of an aspect of an act, a talk, or a situation. Therefore, cartoons are commonly called "comedy of manners". So, cartoons lead more to the story, but caricatures put forward more shapes.

Caricature Illustration, 

i.e. an image that displays a concrete object with the step of exaggerating the characteristics of the object. Usually the object expressed is human (especially the face) with exaggerated properties to make it seem funny to those who know the object. Caricature images are mostly made to reveal social situations, well-known figures, or various cultural phenomena severely and mostly to insinuate the ongoing social situation. Caricature images are distinguished by cartoons because caricatures do not form stories like cartoons, but caricatures can be elements in cartoons, if in editorial cartoons. 

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