illustrator design effect

 illustrator design effect

illustrator design effect
illustrator design effect

7 Meanings of Color Psychology in Logo Design and Branding

Do Freebuddies currently have plans to cause logo design but are confused about what color it will be? Loh, is color selection absolute in a branding?Make no mistake, color selection turns out to be so absolute in building a brand. If Freebuddies see the big brands out there, they definitely have their own distinctive colors.

In the world of design, color actually has its own philosophical meaning. Color can mostly add certain psychological influences to anyone who sees it. We can mostly refer to it by the meaning of 'impression'.

For designers, learning color filosfi is necessary because it can determine the identity of a brand. This is the meaning of logo design color according to psychology that can be used as a reference. Here are seven meanings of color psychology in logo design and branding.

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1. Black

Some well-known brands both overseas and domestically often function black color as the color of their logo. What exactly does black mean?

Black is mostly summed up as a mysterious color as a shadow or something else.But in the world of design, black leaves a strong, elegant, and neutral impression. This color is good for an official brand or promotes sophistication in its products.

2. Blue

Blue is psychologically inferred as a color that leaves an impression of calm, peace, and freshness. Therefore, this color is mostly used by the logo of drinking water companies.More than that, this color turns out to leave a psychological impression like responsibility and trust.

3. Red

Furthermore, this is the meaning of logo design color according to psychology which is good for branding. Nothing but red.Freebuddies often come across a red company logo, don't they? Just understand because this color is actually more famous than other colors.

Red radiates energy of spirit, courage, love, and strength. Large uga may be red color can stir prospective kastemer to try a product.

4. Green color

The color of nature is the nickname for the Green. It is defined as a source of life, freshness, and a sense of security. Usually this green is used in a company based on technology or beverages. Because it also has the meaning of fertility, green also gives the impression of ambition, money, and wealth.

5. Yellow

Yellow is the color of joy and hope. Just like the sunshine that causes our day to be spirited.In the world of logo design, yellow leaves a sense of happiness and glory. Therefore, in the creative industry yellow is chosen as the color of the branding logo.

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6. Brown color

The color of brown is the same as the color of the wood. Simple is the impression that this color makes. If used as a background then it can leave a retro or ancient impression.Suitable for the logo of a company that has been available for a long time.

7. Purple color

Next up is purple. As with black, purple gives the addition of a mysterious, seductive impression.
Not only that, purple also means creativity, high imagination and also elegant. No wonder purple color is often used in the logo of beauty, fashion, or jewelry products.
In the world of design also often enable color combinations derived from the above colors to leave a certain impression. In addition to the colors mentioned,
 there is still a lot to learn from other colors 
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