custom logo design black eagle

 custom logo design black eagle

custom logo design black eagle
custom logo design black eagle
Eagle Philosophy That You Can Make A Guide to Life
Fly as high as an eagle, the ruler of the horizon

In the human world, we know a lot of inspirational figures. Call Mahatma Gandhi one example. But the idea is not still able to be learned from humans alone. In the world of fauna, there are many behaviors that we are able to take as wisdom in pursuing life.

Like the poultry king's eagle. Eagles are actually often encountered as symbols or symbols of countries or military organizations. It's not without reason guys. Let's not be curious, here are 8 eagle philosophies that can be used as life guidelines

.Focus on goals

You must have understood that the eagle had too sharp a view. In aiming for prey, even eagles are able to do so from a distance of tens of kilometers. Eagle hunting skills include support by its flying speed that is able to reach speeds of 300 kilometers per hour. Much faster than a car race guys! That's why eagles belong to a group of animals that are almost still successful in terms of hunting.

The ability of eagles in this hunt is also meaningful to stay focused in the mobilization of life. Focus on the goals we crave to achieve together by exerting all our best capabilities. Suppose that our final object is the prey for the eagle. Put your best business into achieving that dream!

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Increase your potential

Did you know that eagles fly much higher than other poultry? The eagle likes to fly higher because the higher it flies, the stronger the wind movement it gets. What's the hell to do with it? Although the average other poultry keeps strong wind gusts from flying, eagles are quite the opposite. The eagle instead tracks the strong winds to rest its wings from the flapping motion.

In addition to flying high, eagles include fond of living in high places such as treetops in mountainous areas. It aims to keep attacks or disturbances away from other animals guys.

The eagle that is not worried about this height can be interpreted as a system of self-growth in the life of nih guys. Don't worry about staying better as a person. Don't feel tired trying to achieve things better than before.

Friends along with the storm

In line with the fondness of high-flying eagles along with strong winds, eagles include having an err tradition of other animals. Eagles like to track hurricane winds while other animals are keeping the storm away. Why is that?

The reason is the wind. The storm must have had stronger wind gusts and this was too suitable along with the eagle's fondness. Take advantage of the gusts of wind to fly higher, rest the wings. The eagle is not a bird figure that keeps the storm away guys, but instead waits for the storm to come and leans towards tracking the area where the storm surge is. Unique, right?

In life, we should be able to make friends along with cases that we are able to allocate along with storms that must be conquered by eagles. Not only be calm in dealing with problems, but include exploring the positive potential behind a problem.

freedom or stands on his own feet

Have you ever seen an eagle fly in a flock or a large group? Of course not. Eagles are not a style of poultry that likes to fly in groups. Skewed eagles prefer to fly alone. This is in common with its purpose in hunting. Eagles are better able to focus their vision energy when flying alone than flying in groups.

The loneliness of the eagle in this flight teaches us to keep trying to be independent. Both in the atmosphere of love and difficulty. Not in the sense of being personally anti-social yes guys. Alone here in the sense of independent and able to pursue life together with the ability of one self and not to trouble others. 

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