illustration vector simple set of washing

illustration vector simple set of washing

illustration vector simple set of washing
illustration vector simple set of washing
3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Hands With Soap

Hand washing is an important activity, which is often completed in various ways. Starting from the use of running water, hand sanitizer, to use soap. Well, between these ways and methods, only one is most recommended by medics. You understand which one?

Yes. The most recommended method by medical is hand washing with soap. What are the reasons:

1.Kills more germs

Instead of just cleaning your hands with clean water, medical research shows that the use of soap with water is proven to be more efficient in eradicating harmful germs or bacteria that stick to the skin.

2.Cleaning dirt more effectively

Hand washing using soap has been proven to be able to clean dirt more effectively. Thus, the risk of harmful germs or bacteria entering the body will be less and less.

3.Elixir dissolves oil impurities

Hand washing with soap is the most efficient way to get rid of the remaining oil or fat dirt left behind. Thus, your hands will be clean and protected from bacteria and disease-causing germs.

Do you understand why you have to wash your hands with soap? Let's instill this good tradition from now on. Not only you, the family will also be protected from diseases caused by germs in the hands. 

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