illustration meaning box gift

illustration meaning box gift

illustration meaning box gift
illustration meaning box gift

City gift or jg known gift box is an art and craft that we design for your benefit to give gifts to the person you love in important events such as birthdays, weddings or ceremonial your office.

This gift box add unique and beautiful packaging that will pack your gift. Currently we produce and receive orders for a variety of boxes including: 

wedding boxes, delivery boxes, dowry boxes, container boxes al-quran box rings and jewelry, souvenir boxes for the invitees, money area boxes, gift boxes of various forms and sizes, box boxes photo album area, pencil boxes, wine boxes, parcel boxes, boxes for packaging tissue boxes, etc. You can also order shapes, motifs, sizes and colors according to your request.

We emphasize neatness, thoroughness for better results. 

Remembering and looking at the needs of the population in packing gifts or gifts are not all people bs and happy to wrap gifts but they want gifts or gifts to appear sepecial therefore we provide a solution that is easy.simple, and practical. That is with the product gift box / gift box. 

This unique gift box will cause your gift to come out beautiful and memorable. The gift box will add a special nuance, different from other gifts or gifts. In addition, the exception of the gift in the gift box will make it easier for the recipient to open it without causing damage or tearing the gift paper and the box can be used for the area of accessories container in your house to look more neat.  

We sell at retail prices, wholesale.

Minimum order 100pcs

The main raw material standard is a textureless yellow carton with a thickness of 2mm. For the arrangement we use bludru fabric and also imported paper and gift paper. 

The standard size used is the size inside the box, not the outer size.

If kastemer asks for an outer arrangement take advantage of digital print, then our standard is to take advantage of HVS A3 100gr paper with a print area of 31 x 47 cm without laminate, bs also take advantage of gift paper or imported paper. 

We reserve the right to crop designs derived from kastemer cuman in order to be able to accommodate on the size of the box with the print area. 

Sale discount icons. Special offer price signs. 30 percent off reduction symbols. Speech bubbles or chat symbols. Colored elements. Vector

 link download  :https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/sale-discount-icons-special-offer-price-1689676699

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