illustration vector hand sanitizer

illustration vector hand sanitizer

illustration vector hand sanitizer
illustration vector hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Function, Prevent Corona Until The Onset of Acne

Hand sanitizer function becomes an alternative to cleaning hands in fitting there is no water and soap. However, cleaning hands using hand sanitizer is not able to kill the entire style of germs or not as effective as washing hands with water and soap.

How to use hand sanitizer by pouring all members of the hand. Then rub against the surroundings of the hands also between the fingers for 20 seconds. After the hand sanitizer is sucked against the hands, let it dry on its own.

Quoted from various sources, then the use of hand sanitizer. Anything at all?

1. Can clean glasses and clock

The second function of hand sanitizer is, hand sanitizer is able to clean glasses and watches derived from germs attached to the object. This becomes absolute because it can be completed especially after being in a crowded area.

2. Relieves itching due to mosquito bites

Not only able to maintain hand hygiene, hand sanitizer is also able to relieve itching of the body due to mosquito bites. Alcohol contained in it has antiseptic properties so as to avoid infection. The cold comes from hand sanitizer is also able to cause the skin to be comfortable

3. Sterilize small wounds

The third function of hand sanitizer is, with a content of 60% alcohol that is able to help to sterilize small wounds. Because it works as a disinfectant. Just pour a little into a cotton swab then cover against the wound for a part of the moment.

4. Overcoming the onset of acne

Liquid derived from hand sanitizer is able to stop inflammation caused by bacteria against pores. When the next bacteria dies, acne will dry out immediately.

Although the usefulness of hand sanitizer is able to clean hands derived from germs. The World Health Organization advises the use of hand sanitizer only as an alternative except not getting water and soap. 

Hand sanitizers. Alcohol rub sanitizers kill most bacteria, fungi and stop some viruses such as coronavirus. Hygiene product. Sanitizer bottle and wall mounted container. Covid-19 spread prevention.

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