illustration art female faces

illustration art female faces

The Meaning Behind Facial Wrinkles, Revealing Personality To Love

Although not still desired, wrinkles on the face stop naturally. Not just a signal of aging, according to astrologer dadhichi face readers wrinkles including being able to reveal info about the owner. Everyone can have a different location of fine lines or wrinkles. Therefore, the facial lines can reveal personality, love connection, to wealth. Here's Dadhichi's prophecy.

Line of the Sun
This line can describe personality, energy, and longevity. The line can be found at the top of the medium forehead. If your wrinkles accentuate the area, this can mean you are strong and destined for success. Wrinkles in the jidat can be revealed unless the person is ambitious.

Mars Line
As emerged from the image, the Martian line is under the Sun. According to Dadhichi, such wrinkles can describe powerful stimulants of energy, courage, and ambition. Therefore, people have wrinkles Mars line skew has more fiery connection unless the wrinkles are broken.
Mercury Line
If you have a Mercury line, dadhichi thinks you're a smart, smart, and imaginary person. This can include means that you have a lot of ideas in expressing info and are good at socializing. Especially unless the line is divided into three, you may have a good sense of humor.

Eye Wrinkles
Wrinkles in the eye area can be annoying because the face is more mature. But this includes being able to symbolize happiness, decision-making but including stress. Although often prevented, the line at the end of the eye means that you live a pleasant life. But unless the line is too deep, it could be a signal of tension and difficulty making decisions.

Smile Wrinkles
Wrinkles when smiling, commonly called life line symbolizes health. Because even if it's a signal of aging, this line shows you're healthy enough and can live long enough.

"When the lines are long, reaching the chin, the wrinkles of life indicate luck. If life wrinkles long and curved up, it can have an active life in the golden age," he said.

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