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[Arrow Philosophy] Back to Go Far To Reach the Target

Archery became one of the busy sports that had boomed a few years. this past. Extracurricular activities in schools also include archery as one of its activities. 

'Outbound' events or teamwork training or leadership training, are often also sidelined with archery events. 

Even though it's just 'ngetop' again, archery is not something new for Indonesia. Even archery is part of the culture of the Archipelago. Many traditional tribes in Indonesia have long used arrows as traditional weapons in their culture. 

For example, mentawai people in Sumatra use traditional arrows or known as Murourou in hunting in the forest. They are really known for their poisonous arrows. 

Dayak people in Kalimantan also use arrows. Even the traditional tribes in Papua also use arrows as their weapon in the war between tribes. Javanese culture also knows arrows. For example, Yogyakarta, which often holds archery cultural festivals, is called Jamparingan. 

Exploring the philosophical meaning of archery:

I've been in an event where archery sessions are available. It's not as easy as how an arrow athlete does it. There are special techniques. Start with the horses. The technique of holding the bow to be stable. Surely the whole needs enough training to master it. 

Archery was apparently full of philosophical meanings in it. Interesting to review. 

There are four main elements in archery: 1) The Man; 2) Crossbow, 3) Arrow, and 4) Target or target.

The man: The person who can shoot must also master the technique and be able to concentrate. This becomes a necessary subject in everyday life, especially in work or study. To succeed, we must master the way and focus on the target.

Crossbow: It is a medium or foothold for the arrow to be able to move backwards and streak towards the target. A sturdy bow, combined with a pliable rope becomes necessary for the arrow. This bow can be analogous to the institution or environment in which we are. The right environment will sped up our career path.

The bow rope itself must be able to prevent the urge of the arrow before it is applied. His flexibility chooses the cruising power of the arrow. The further backwards, the further the cruising power is forward. If you have the right promoter, then the career journey will be faster.

Arrows: be the main component in archery. He's the 'gong' of the archery rush. Like a bullet, it's the arrow that hits the target. A really strong philosophical one is contained in this dart. There is a phase of retreat and silence, continued the phase of streaking away.

There's an arrow in the tube, not in use for a while. There's an arrow in use. The two are always going towards the target at different temporarily. 

In this management benefit reflects how leaders take advantage of their HR talents. When it should be temporarily stored, when it should be encouraged to go straight ahead.

An arrow that is pushed back as far as possible as possible by the prisoner of the bow rope, will accelerate far or faster to the target. 

It also depicts real-life human beings. In this life we often experience the lowest point, it feels down. For example, whether it's losing a job, breaking up with a boyfriend, being duped by your own friends, going through a stalemate. Then the whole feels like a setback. Then after that we go into the recovery phase. 

Get a better job, get a much better partner, connect a fast-growing new business, and so on. The point is that after experiencing setbacks, it turns out that then experienced a huge leap in life. 

So for those of us who feel like we're experiencing the lowest point in life, try to be optimistic. That could be the arrow of your life. It's not that it's going to be a turning point for success in the future. 

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