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The Meaning of Lockdown, the Difference along with Isolation and Quarantine

Now the coronavirus COVID-19 has been designated as a pandemic by the World Freshness Organization (WHO). Some countries have also implemented lockdown policies to prevent the transmission of the virus more widely.

Not only lockdown, some understandings such as isolation and quarantine are often heard throughout the coronavirus pandemic. So what's the difference?

Summarized from various sources, the following are the differences on lockdown, isolation and quarantine.

What does Lockdown mean?

Lockdown is an emergency action or atmosphere when people are prevented from entering or leaving designated areas or buildings as long as the threat of danger takes place.

Some of the countries that have implemented lockdown are Italy and Denmark. Examples come from this policy such as disbursing schools, prohibited from traveling, and should not be activities in public areas to prevent the spread of the virus.

Then what is isolation?

According to the great dictionary of the Indonesian language (KBBI) isolation means separation. This means that the separation carried out in patients with disease infection comes from healthy people in the vicinity to avoid transmission.

An example is a patient who is proven to be infected with coronavirus can be isolated inside the sick residence. In addition to preventing the transmission of the disease, isolated patients can be treated together well by reliable medical personnel until they recover.

So what does quarantine mean?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), quarantine is mediated and prevents the movement of a person who is exposed to the disease, but has no symptoms. The goal is to prevent

possible spread of the disease.

The World Freshness Organization (WHO) recommends those exposed to coronavirus to carry out a 14-day quarantine. One of the quarantines that has been carried out is the quarantine of the repatriation of 237 Indonesian citizens (WNI) from Wuhan to Natuna.  

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