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How to Prevent and Avoid Coronavirus?

1. Wear a mask

Masks remain incorrect one personal protective equipment that must be used to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Although initially only recommended for sick people, but now residents are encouraged to use it.

2. Wash your hands

Some transmission problems are predicted to occur while the hand touching the surface is contaminated by the virus after it accidentally holds the face. Corona virus after that moves from hand to nose or mouth.

Get used to diligently washing your hands along with soap and as much as possible do not touch the face often.

3. Shut up right sneezing and coughing

Corona virus prevention includes being able to be done together with self-awareness to forever close the nose and mouth right sneezing or coughing. The goal is so that the germs of any disease that may exist are not easily spread to infect others.

4. Social distancing

Social distancing is the distance together with others. Social distancing is recommended at least 1 mtr. to you and others.

Why is that? Because while a person coughs or sneezes, they spray small droplets of liquid coming from their nose or mouth that may carry a measure of the virus. If you get too close, you can inhale water droplets, including the COVID-19 virus if the next person is coughing. In addition you other social distancing provisions are self-isolation for 14 days. This should be for the prevention of Coronavirus.

5. Rest well and eat nutritiously

Not everyone infected with coronavirus has recently died. There are people who successfully recover thanks to their immune state and good means of freshness. To take care of the body's immunity forever in a perfect state then do not let us not get enough rest and eat nutritious food.  

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