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The Meaning of Togetherness

"No one can live alone too much. Because Nature is too vast. Happiness is only for those who clearly mean Togetherness, That's Us"

Knowing you can always count on me, for sure

That's what friends are for

In good times, in bad times

I'll be on your side forever more

That's what friends are for...

Spells out the meaning of a togetherness in a relationship. Whether with family, fraternity, friendship or with a partner. Togetherness becomes an important thing in building a relationship. Obviously we couldn't live too much on our own in this life. We can't be selfish human beings, who feel they can do it all alone, who feel we don't need anyone else.

Life is a cycle of consequences. Doing good, sharing in togetherness, establishing a positive interaction is his choice. Who grows rice will definitely grow rice, right? A togetherness can't be forced either. Although there are reciprocal interactions, it is like a symbiosis but on the basis of willingness. Because in establishing a social interaction we have to learn how important it is to understand each other, happy to hear, happy to share and happy to care. Because together we will be able to interpret a togetherness. Happiness in a togetherness is a time of mutual love itself. It means that intertwined interactions are a virtue.

But sometimes in an interaction we have to be able to create areas and distances. Took the distance we needed. Leaving the room in a relationship. Creating an area for expression. A room we need to move freely. A distance we need for introspection. Looking at what we've given, it comes from a broader point of view. When we got too close, our point of view was too narrow. As a result our judgment became more subjective. As we stayed away, we could see more thoroughly. It is needed to be more objective.

Because togetherness itself does not mean we are forever together physically, but rather psychological interactions. Not forever will we ever meet and be together, maybe one day we'll be apart. Indeed something was created to bring a couple of its own, it seems like a meeting and separation... And may togetherness be forever there, along with the beauty of the time engraved and the sweetness of the memories recorded.

We must always be ready with everything and everything that happens. When our will is good then the result will be good.

Just like in the world of work, we must often face a variety of problems, both with colleagues, and with outside parties, but together stimulant together and forever discuss with the team together, all problems will be solved. As with broom sticks, if the following stick broom only amounts to one stick, when used to sweep all the pages, it will take a long time and too difficult, but if the following stick broom has a large number of sticks, then it will be able to clean all the pages quickly. Likewise in the world of work, when there are problems within the team and all teams synergize to solve the problem, then all problems will be resolved, but if in the world of work takes place individualism, boxed, then it will be difficult to solve every problem that exists.  

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