illustration stock corona virus

illustration stock corona virus 

illustration stock corona virus
illustration stock corona virus 
Each person has an unested response to COVID-19. Most people exposed to this virus will experience symptoms easily to moderate, and will recover without the need to be treated in a hospital.
The most common symptoms:
2.dry cough
   Slightly un common symptoms:
1.discomfort and pain
2.sore throat
4.conjunctivitis (red eyes)
6.loss of sense of taste or smell
7.Rash on skin, or color change on

 8.jari tangan or toes

Serious symptoms:
1.difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
2.chest pain or chest pressure
3.loss of speaking or moving capabilities
Seek medical treatment immediately unless you experience serious symptoms. Always contact your doctor or health facility before visiting him or her.
People with easy symptoms who are otherwise healthy need to carry out independent treatment at home.
The average symptom will be seen 5–6 days after a person is first infected with the virus, but it can also be 14 days after being infected.


Coronavirus 2019-nCoV symptoms, healthcare and medicine infographic,Ilustration

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