illustration graphic design of lock down virus

illustration graphic design of lock down virus

illustration graphic design of lock down virus
illustration graphic design of lock down virus
Improving The Security of Your Home Or Store With Padlocks

Fences or tralis doors become the safety of your first residence or building. But unless the fence without a padlock / safety lock will be considered to eliminate the security aspects of the residence itself. The function of padlocks that greatly affect security is what triggers us need to be careful and observant in determining the padlock, even when you are not in a place to live or out of town.

Nowadays there are many brands and styles of padlocks on the market, before shopping recognize and understand the usefulness comes from each style of the padlock so that the security of your residence or store can be guaranteed.

Here are the uses and security of each style padlock:

The parts come from a padlock
If the thief carries an adequate fit for a long time to open the padlock generally use a chainsaw. For example when there is no one in the fitting adequately long. This chainsaw attack is able to be prevented along with providing support to the shackle (closed shackle) like evading for a crowbar. Or able to also along with give certain treatment to the shackle in order to be strong and difficult / unable in the saw. Example shackle along with hardened style, boron shackle and others. But it should be noted, that in the market many padlocks that say "hardened" but are actually ordinary copper or iron shackles in chrome layers. So choose a trusted brand of padlocks, which in fact unless writing Hardened benar2 derived from metal that has been treated "hard" to be hard, harder comes from a chainsaw generally.

Side Open Padlock Type

As we often see, the hammer is hit on the padlock together firmly and the padlock will open down. This way is usually used except the usual style padlock along with the opening to the bottom, like the padlock in figures 4 and 5. This way using a locking system inside the body padlock that is easily damaged. This way is certainly not able to be used unless the inside of the lock system is strong enough. So it comes from determining the padlock comes from a good brand is a valuable investment, because the usual brand padlocks only listen to the outside that comes out stocky and good, fitting the inside of the lock system is easily damaged along with hammer blows only. To avoid this hammer attack you are also able to determine the lock along with the openings that are not towards the bottom. but able to sideways or rotate.

Types of Padlock style discs "discus"

Cut the chain. commonly also called bolt cutter in English. In addition to cutting the chain this tool is commonly used by thieves to cut the lock on the shackle. Just like a chainsaw, this way is able to be used unless the padlock carries adequate space on the shackle to be cut. This way of avoiding attack is able to use a padlock along with a large shackle diameter and hardened metal material to make it difficult in scissors. But another more efficient way is to avoid these scissors getting into the shackle, because of the large size of the scissors, so that the small shackle space will make it difficult for these scissors to enter.

By knowing the style and features of each padlock, you are able to determine what style padlock option if appropriate and suitable to improve the security of your residence or store. To see a variety of padlock styles in klikteknik.com hawk a variety of padlock styles along with econimis prices and guaranteed quality.

vector illustration of lock down virus

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