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illustration flowers

illustration flowers
illustration flowers

Flower Lawang or Kembang Lawang or Pekak is a spice that has a similar flavor to anise

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Many uses of Lawang Flowers, Unique Spices that are Rarely Known

Most people may never hear what a flower is. Make no mistake, lawang flowers are not also a model of flowers in general. This is a mistaken model of unique spices that are rich in flavor.

Lawang flowers are often used as food flavorings because of their fragrant aroma. Scientifically, the flower is known as Illicium verum. 

This brown flower is a star-like shape consisting of eight segments. On each segment there are small brown seeds. In addition to cooking, this spice is also widely used as herbal medicines that are believed to contain many properties. 

So, what are the benefits of lawang flowers? Various herbal remedies mostly have an abundant percentage of nutrients, not if the flowers lawang. Lawang flowers can be rich in flavonoids and polyphenols so that this spice is recognized well if used as herbal remedies. 

In addition, more than one compound in this flower also benefits for the health of the body, among others: Linalool Quercetin Limonene Anethole Acid error Shikimat acid Contained various compounds, because the flower lawang has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. 

In addition, this spice also contains iron, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, fat, and dietary fiber that is no less good for the body. 

The number of calories in lawang flowers is also adequately low, which is 1 tbsp of lawang flowers containing only 23 calories.

the use of lawang flowers for health Since long time ago, lawang flowers have been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

To be aware of its efficacy for health, it is a variety of benefits of lawang flowers that 

we can get: 
Overcoming the flu Bunga lawang is believed to make the flu cured due to the percentage of shikimat acid.

Shikimat acid is a compound that has strong antiviral properties in order to fight influenza viruses. Some studies have also shown that essential oils can cure other viral infections, such as herpes simplex type-1. However, more research is still needed on this subject. 

Maintaining relatively high antioxidant skin health in lawang flowers can support against free radicals, especially those that can cause oxidative stress on the skin.

This can minimize the onset of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and fade scars and blemishes so that the skin comes out younger and brighter. 

Treating fungal infections Antifungal properties owned by lawang flowers are believed to make a number of fungal infections cured, as well as candidiasis, ringworm, water fleas, and others. 

Lawang flower tea is recognized to boost the immune system to fight the growth of fungi. Increase the immune system Flowers lawang can improve the immune system in order to withstand the growth of bacteria that can cause various diseases. 

In addition, the antibacterial properties in lawang flowers are also believed to fight more than one strain of bacteria that are immune to antibiotics. Overcoming insomnia A number of studies have found that lawang flowers have more than one sedative trait associated with the percentage of antioxidants and magnesium in them. 

The content can release neurotransmitters that encourage a person to relax and fall asleep. This is especially good for insomniacs. Improve blood circulation Iron becomes one of the absolute minerals found in lawang flowers, more than 13% of the recommended daily quantity. 

The iron content can support the processing of red blood cells in order to improve blood circulation and power levels in the body. Maintaining digestive health Flowers lawang contains a number of fibers. 

Fiber content in lawang flowers is also believed to protect digestive health, such as relieve bloating and cramps, improve the balance of bacteria in the intestine, and absorb nutrients well.

Lawang flowers can be added whole or in powder form to the cuisine. In addition, lawang flowers can also be boiled in water to be used as tea with cloves and added honey. 

However, be sure to use lawang flowers to taste only, which is approximately 3 pieces. Some people may have allergies to this herb so we have to be careful. Symptoms of allergies that can occur, namely itching, rash, digestive problems, and inflammation. 

Therefore, before using it make sure your condition is safe. Lawang flowers can also cause intertwining with other drugs, such as drugs for cancer and hormones. 

If you have medications that are regularly consumed, it is best to consult a doctor before taking lawang flowers. If walking unusual signs after consuming flowers lawang, immediately check with the doctor.

illicium verum plant

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illicium verum plant

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