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illustration design urban city
illustration design urban city 
illustration design urban city

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Jogja Lantern, a Distinctive Lamp Also As An Icon

Jogja Lanterns Become a Characteristic of Yogyakarta City

Sakaran- Lentera Jogja, more than one person mentions the decorative lights available along the street in Yogyakarta. Jogja lanterns are street lighting lights that become decorations of Yogyakarta city at night. This lamp has been available since tens of years. Then.

From th. to the year, jogja lanterns have always been a characteristic of this city. Nevertheless, in order to revitalize the philosophical axis area of Yogyakarta as well as environmentally friendly programs, street lighting more than Tugu Pal Putih Yogyakarta through Malioboro to Zero Kilometer Point can be replaced immediately along with LED lights.

Jogja Lanterns, Typical Lights of Yogyakarta City Will Not Be Replaced

The replacement of this lamp is planned to be completed approximately June-July 2016 by the Yogyakarta Municipality along with handing over work to third parties through the auction mechanism. A total of approximately 56 available light points can be replaced along with LED lights.

"If using LED lights the power issued 120 watts. except using fluorescent or sodium lamps capable of 250 watts.

The durability of LED lights can be used for up to 10 years. While the other lights can only be used 4-5 years. Of course it is more energy efficient," said The Head of Public Street Lighting, Department of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure, Yogyakarta City, Suko Darmanto in Kampung Gajah Wong Edupark Yogyakarta, 

Suko establishes that there is a light emitting diode (LED) capable of saving strength up to 50 percent compared to fluorescent or fluorescent street lighting. But the benefits of protecting the characteristics of Yogyakarta lantern Jogja along with carved lampposts that have been attached so far have not been replaced.

"Only street lights from Mangkubumi-Malioboro Street to Zero Km Point can be changed together with LED lights. Lampposts can not be changed because it already characterizes Yogyakarta," he was quoted as saying 

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