illustration example box gift super sale

illustration example box gift super sale

illustration example box gift super sale
illustration example box gift super sale

You can specify many variations of the appropriate gift box types. 

There are many gift box materials that can be used. Starting from materials such as cardboard, paper, cardboard, plastic until the material comes from wood to ensure the safety of filling gifts if delivered through shipping services. Or you can wear a used gift box that is still worth using. Like shoeboxes, cake boxes, watch boxes or ring boxes. Everything can be an option regarding the size of the gift to be given.

Gift Wrapping Techniques

Although it comes out trivial, wrapping presents is a unique skill. Like the art of folding paper comes from Japan, origami. Wrapping gifts including kudu production of imaginative flavors comes from a person. Here are some of the techniques of wrapping gifts that you can use

Wrapping Box-Shaped Gifts

Wrapping a gift together in a box shape is the most basic form in wrapping a gift, but it may come from many of you who haven't mastered the wrapping technique. Previously you used to prepare boxes or cardboard boxes, gift paper, insulation, ribbons, scissors, and gifts. The first step, put the gift in the prepared box and place it in the center of the gift paper. 

Then you fold the two facets of paper and put them on insulation. On the lower members, fold the right and left facets first in, then the upper and lower facets, don't forget to place them in isolation. 

You can add ribbons or flower-shaped pastes, so that the gift comes out prettier.

Wrapping Presents Like a Bag Shape 

To be able to result in gift wrapping so that similar shape of the bag is quite easy. You just have to prepare gift paper, insulation, glue, scissors and ribbons to beautify. First step, fold two facets of the gift box together with the folds in one more facet. 

Next try to embed the 2 ends together with glue after which fold the lower member approximately 1/4 of the coming from the gift wrapper. After that tidy each end of the lower member of the gift. Then try to paste together the insulation so that it forms flat like a paper bag.

On the top member can be folded immediately after that paste the tape that has been provided. Or fold the top member. Once you've tied it together with the tape, make holes in the right and left facets to place the rope. And a bag-shaped gift wrap is ready to be given.

Ribbon-Shaped Gift Wrap

Next is the technique of wrapping presents that can be applied if your gift is mini sized. One of them together forms a gift wrapper like a ribbon. The way is quite easy, the ingredients needed are not quite more similar alongside the previous techniques. 

how to wrap gift paper like a butterfly

The steps are to first cut the gift paper so that the square size becomes two parts. Place the gift on the middle member, after which it is stacked together with a 2nd gift sheet similar in size.

Then paste together the insulation or glue on all four sides. After sticking you can isolate the middle member, coming from the top down symmetrically. On the right and left facets that are not contained gifts you can form them together folding all 2 facets resembling bow tie ribbons. 

Candy-Shaped Gift Wrap

The technique after that is almost similar with a ribbon or butterfly-shaped technique. The steps to do so are to first shape the gift lengthwise, then place the gift on paper. After that, roll the gift paper in line with the gift. If you have already formed a roll, paste the paper on the supplied solasi.

how to wrap gift paper like candy

In the bottom and upper facets (the gift border inside the paper), paste them into a candy shape, you can fold them neatly. Gently pull the tip members so that they bloom more. Use the tape that was prepared on the tip adhesive member so that it is funnier.

After understanding the unique and adorable gift wrapping steps, you can practice some of the techniques above while the christmas and new year holiday season is only a few months away. Exchanging presents with unique and funny wraps will be a fun thing to do by the end of your year. 

Don't be sad that in 2020 you can't give extra gifts to your dear relatives or family, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic this forces us not to be able to get together. But you can still reward your loved ones by sending your presents wearing Anteraja. Because Anteraja wants you to still be able to strengthen the relationship with your family or relatives, along with fast and accurate delivery.  

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