illustration art hand drawn 3d

illustration art hand drawn 3d

illustration art hand drawn 3d
illustration art hand drawn 3d
Hand drawn watercolor painting of nutmeg isolated on white background. Illustration of nut for your design,VERY SIMPLE EPS 10

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22 functions of Nutmeg for Health, Along with Side Effects

nutmeg. Nutmeg is commonly used as a spice to add flavor to the cuisine, especially processed meats.

Nutmeg comes from banda islands, Maluku and has now spread throughout Indonesia. Even this fruit is popular and exported to continental Europe as an ingredient of medicines, cosmetics, and food.

In addition to cooking, nutmeg is often processed as pickled or candied fruit. In addition, there are also those who use nutmeg as a massage oil. Behind its versatile role, nutmeg includes a myriad of uses for health.

According to the Verywell Fit report, nutmeg is widely used as a traditional treatment to treat cases of diarrhea, colds, kidney disorders, and nausea. this function is due to the presence of percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils, sodium, calcium, vitamins (A, C, B1), oleanolic acid, and so on.

Nutmeg fruit includes antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory characters. So that nutmeg is able to overcome various cases of inflammation both inside the body and outside (skin).

Here Bola.com a series of uses of nutmeg for health,
Benefits of Nutmeg for Health
So many percentages in nutmeg, so no wonder this fruit or spices give additional uses for fitness to beauty. Here are the uses of whole nutmeg:

1. Overcome insomnia or there are sleep problems

2. Treat nausea, bloating, and colds

3. Increase appetite

4. Smooth digestion

5. Relieve muscle and joint pain

6. Overcoming stomach acid or mag

7. Overcoming the tone of the parau

8. Improve brain fitness

9. Detox Toxins

10. Preventing Leukaemia

11. Healthy Skin

12. Blood circulation

13. Controlling blood pressure

14. Maintaining bone ability

15. Increase Body Immunity

16. Treating diabetes

17. Preventing Anemia

18. Good for eye fitness

19. Ward off free radicals and prevent cancer

20. Eliminate body odor

21. Maintaining dental and oral fitness

22. Helps make hepatitis cured

Nutmeg Side Effects
You should not be comedied with the myriad uses of nutmeg above. Although it has many properties for health, this fruit as well as spices are able to cause a number of side effects if consumed excessively.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database report, very often utilizing nutmeg seasoning can be risky for health. The researchers found that this fruit is able to cause the effects of toxkik because it contains miristisin oil.

Meanwhile, according to Healthline, only miristisin oil in nutmeg is able to cause a person to become drunk if consumed very much.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database advises that nutmeg is not used in the meantime and is not more than 120 milligrams long because it can cause a person to hallucinate and increase the risk of other mental disorders.

Consuming nutmeg is very much capable of causing symptoms such as nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, and irregular heartbeat. Therefore, use nutmeg to taste only.

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