how to design a logo easy

 how to design a logo easy

how to design a logo easy
how to design a logo easy

How to Create an Easy Logo for Beginners

For some people triggering a logo can be difficult, but unless you've realized how to trigger a logo can be implemented more easily.

A logo is the identity of a brand for the public, including it can trigger an impact for consumers on the brand. In order to trigger the logo is definitely not arbitrary, we need to be carefully aware of the logo that will be created. Starting from the shape, line, color, type, and meaning of the created logo.

For beginners it may not be easy to trigger a logo. For that we will give tips on how to design the logo and how to trigger the logo with Photoshop.

Basic Tips Before Creating a Logo

1. Understand product logo characters

Before triggering a logo, you first need to have an image to trigger the logo. The logo is not just a regular image created, the logo is a special identity for the brand to be marketed

2. Understanding the Basics of Logo Creation

- Simple logo, the object triggers a simple logo so that it can be easily known, remembered, versatile, and not tacky while viewed.

- Memorable logo, logo design according to the brand that is being created.

- The logo can last a long time, this subject needs to be taken too into account. The goal is so that the logo can stay together for a while while so that the brand created is not fickle.

- The logo needs to match, customize the logo alongside the brand object to be built. Like designing a logo for a restaurant shop, the picture that will be displayed is the food that will be sold.

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3. Find logo references

This needs to be implemented so that the creation of a logo that will be made easier after looking at the logo reference is interesting and we can realize which logo is the best of all the best brands.

4. Learn Software

Before running the design, we should learn the software that will be used so that while running the design is not confused to do so. For an attractive logo design we can use a variety of adobes such as illustrator, adobe photoshop, and corel draw.

Once you've realized the tips for triggering the logo above. Now we enter the discussion on how to trigger a logo with photoshop. Here's how to trigger a logo with photoshop that you can learn to trigger the logo.

1. Open Photoshop, you can use various versions so cs3, cs4, cs5, and cs6 as you want to use, Then open Adobe Photoshop.

2. When Photoshop already appears on the screen, please click CTRL+N, to trigger a new layer.

3. Assume we trigger the logo together using our own name.

4. Select the elliptical marquee tool located in the left corner of the photoshop menu, then press shift against the keyboard so that the circle is perfectly rounded.

5. If the dotted circle line appears against the layer, then right click on the circle line>select Stroke>after it will pop up the Stroke menu box> set the color and size as desired, unless appropriate, press Ok. If the circle is already appearing afterwards click Ctrl+D to block the dashed line and trigger the perfect circle line.

6. Create a small circle, the trigger way remains the same as the previous way. Create a circle inside the large circle.

7. unless the circles 1 and 2 are finished, after that create the brand post that we want to create using the Horizontal Type Tool. Like F M

8. To trigger the text (F M) one by one or separately use the Horizontal Type Tool. To make the text easy to arrange alongside the circle lines.

9. Enter the letter "F" on the left side of the circle that has been created. How to trigger the letter together pressing Ctrl+T after that change the Width to 100%.

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10. Then input the letter M on the right side of the circle, the way implemented remains the same as the previous way.

11. After all systems are finished. All you have to do is put the project together, click "Save As" afterwards save along with jpeg or png format.

Well, that's the way to trigger designs that you can learn from. Once you realize the basics of triggering a logo you can develop together how to view a video tutorial triggering a logo that's too interesting. 

thus, and we make this design, with a dynamic color suitable for your business logo good luck always

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