cartoon illustration wuhan corona virus

cartoon illustration wuhan corona virus

cartoon illustration wuhan corona virus
cartoon illustration wuhan corona virus

Definition of Illustration, Function, Purpose, Type, 

Techniques and Examples – In this discussion we will mention about Illustration. That includes the understanding of illustrations, functions, objectives, types, techniques and examples of illustrations that are discussed completely and lightly. For more details please see the review below carefully.

Descriptive Functions
The descriptive function of illustration is in lieu of a verbal and narrative image by using long words. Illustrations can be used to paint to make them faster and easier to understand.
Expressive Functions
The expressive function of illustration is to express and express an idea, squeeze, intent, situation or concept that is abstract in real terms to make it easier to understand.
Analytical or Strukturan Functions

The analytical function of illustration is that the illustration is able to state in detail member after member comes from an object or system or system with detail, to be easier to understand
Qualitative Function
Qualitative functions are mostly used when creating lists, tables, charts, cartoons, photos, drawings, sketches and symbols.
Illustration Objectives

The purpose of the illustration is to explain or decorate a story, writing, poem, or other information. With visual help, the following writing is able to be more easily digestible.

In general, the purposes of illustration are:
To mention the message or information you want to convey
To bring impact to the variety of teaching materials makes it more interesting, motivating, communicative, and makes it easy for readers to understand the message
To make it easy for readers to remember concepts and inspirations delivered with illustrations

Types of Illustrations
The types are derived from illustrations, namely as follows:
Naturalist Illustration Images
Naturalist illustration is an illustration that carries a shape and color similar to the real form that exists in nature without any reduction or addition

Decorative Illustration Images
Decorative illustration images are images whose function is to decorate something with a simplified or exaggerated form with a certain style

Cartoons are images that carry a certain form of cute ity or carry certain characteristics. Often more cartoons adorn children's magazines, comics and include certa pictures
Caricature Pictures

Caricature images are images of criticism or innuendo that in their embodiment are already running storage of body division. This image can be found in magazines or newspapers
Pictorial Stories
A picture story (Cergam) is a type of comic or texted image. Image techniques are made based on stories with interesting viewpoints.
Textbook Illustration

Textbook illustration functions to mention text or a subject either scientific or in the form of a part image. Can be in the form of photos, natural images, and including being able to shape charts
Imaginary Illustration

Dream illustrations are imaginatively processed images of the power of copyright (imaginary). How to express it as it can be found against story illustrations, novels, comics and including romance
Illustration Techniques, Tools and Illustration Materials
There are two techniques in drawing illustrations namely dry technique and wet technique. Tools and including materials for drawing illustrations with dry techniques are pencil, charcoal, lime, crayon and others and do not need water. While the tools and materials needed to draw illustrations with wet techniques are watercolor, ink tub, aklirik paint, poster paint, and oil paint. 

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