All You Need is a Logo To Start Your Internet Empire

All You Need is a Logo To Start Your Internet Empire
 All You Need is a Logo To Start Your Internet Empire


All You Need is a Logo To Start Your Internet Empire

Don't be fooled. The Internet Gold Rush wasn't in the 1990s. Sure there were a lot of corporations getting millions of investor funding for little more than a promise, but it turned out to be a flash in the pan.

Today, even with the recession bottoming out, the amount of REAL money being earned on the Internet is far beyond anything even a year ago. Start your online web site today and you reach vastly more people while enduring far less competition.

It has never been truer than it is now: You can create your Internet empire with little more than a good logo. Here's how.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the broadband promise of fast Internet service bottomed out. A full ninety percent of people surf the Net with a slow dial-up modem. Suddenly plain, fast- loading web pages are back in consumer favor.

Stick your eye-catching, image-creating logo at the top of a plain white page, then let your copy flow below it. That's really all you need to get a first class start. It gives you image. It gives you message.

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Use your logo to make your name memorable. A good logo creates a feel, an image, and a brand for your site. It can also lend an air of professionalism to your online creation. First impressions count. When prospects see an impressive logo, it gives the other aspects of your site a head start.

You will want a logo that can serve as your long term brand. It should communicate its message clearly. Rather than trading your mark in for a new one a year from now, make your logo a classic by having a designer rework it after a period. Just like Coca Cola, General Motors, and now Amazon.com, your logo can carry on year after year making your name household memorable and worldwide.

Finally, find ways to use your logo on ALL your sites. As your empire grows, it can create a family connection between your varying domains. Your empire will be plainly evident, known to all by the sign of your logo.