how to design a logo in illustrator

 how to design a logo in illustrator

how to design a logo in illustrator
how to design a logo in illustrator

 4 Best Shirt and T-shirt Design Apps on Android

Do you want to design your own T-shirt or ball jersey? Then, do you then for special clothing design software on a PC or laptop that enables MAC OS, Windows 7, or Windows 10? Undo the sub-district, because you are able to design clothes through your smartphone or Android pill.

There's more than one online or offline clothing design app on Android that you log in to design clothes anytime and anywhere. What clothing design apps are recommended by Carisinyal? More than the list.

1. Designer Clothing

Make the design of clothes now no more fuss, because you are able to easily in the Designer Clothes app. It's again a free app on Android that comes from 30 t-shirts, t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters. 

But, if you are not happy with the design, then you are able to create your own design. In its design, you are able to no funny stickers. He's wrong that berkring along well Can download here.

2. T-shirt Design Studio

T-Shirt Design Studio is again one of the applications for designing your own t-shirts. This app is adequately complete along with interesting features. In T-Shirt Design Studio, users are able to design matching t-shirts along with their individual requests. You are able to draw your own design or design functions that have been presented by the T-shirt Design Studio.

In addition to images, the app is also good along with a photo editor. This photo editor feature is able to be used foryur photos that you want for the t-shirt design function. In addition, you are also able to trigger unique text, quote or plain text. In fact, the app is also good along with the brush tool, so you're able to color the t-shirt and the text to suit you.

3. Design & Get Your T-Shirt

Another easy app that comes with designing t-shirts fits your taste, namely Design & Get Your T-Shirt. In fact, not only is you able to design your own coveted t-shirt, but you can use the t-shirt up to the app through this. Design your T-Shirt along with an image or quote. Then, don't forget to choose the size of your outfit so that this T-Shirt fits on your body.

For example, the developer of this app will make your clothes and some of them. However, of course you kudu pay for a t-shirt that wants his mistake. At that time basically, this is the design application of T-Shirt that also prays t-shirts resulting from the design.

4. Clothing Pattern Design

If this app specializes more for users whose pattern wants triggers for shirt design. So, here you are able to pattern clothes clothes to suit your taste. Then, you are also able to choose the clothes you want. What's interesting is that you can design clothes patterns offline, no internet connection required. 

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