graphic design logo templates doodle

graphic design logo templates doodle
graphic design logo templates doodle

 graphic design logo templates doodle

Doodle Art, History and Understanding
A. Understanding Doodle Art

A doodle is an image of in focus or unaware of being made during one's attention if it is not occupied. Doodles are simple images that can have the meaning of concrete representations or possibly just abstract forms. Doodle Art itself is a model of drawing together the steps of scribbling, appearing abstract, available that are not meaningfully available that are meaningful, sometimes the resulting work does not have the correct shape but appears unique and interesting.

Examples of doodling stereotypes found in school notebooks, often at the margins, are drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest in the classroom. Another common example of doodles is generated throughout a long telephone conversation if a pen and paper are available.

Now Doodle art is growing, its abstract shape and its own uniqueness resulted in the actors increasingly added from day to day. Even without realizing we often produce doodles, for example graffiti in class is doodle art.

Doodle art is a creative and creative service that is no longer expensive. No need for specific paper like canvas, even cigarette packs can be done. All the more to the doodle art actor himself in choosing equipment and doodling models that are comfortable for him. Doodle art is calculated into 2-dimensional art, and counted into interesting graphic design art.

American presidents (including Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton) were already known to scribble throughout the meeting Poet and physician John Keats doodling on the edge of his medical records;. Other literary doodlers already include Samuel Beckett and Sylvia Plath. Stanislaw Ulam's mathematics developed the Ulam spiral for perfect number visualization while doodling throughout a drab presentation at a math conference.

B. History of Doodle Art

The word doodle first appeared in the early 17th century meaning stupid or stupid. It probably comes from Germany or Nudeltopf Dusseldorf, meaning stupid or noodle (literally "drinking").

The meaning of "stupid, stupid" is referred to in the title track "Yankee Doodle", originally sung by British colonial forces before the American Revolutionary War. This is calculated to be the origin of an early eighteenth-century verb for doodling, meaning "to deceive or fool". Modern meanings emerged in the 1930s either from this meaning or from the verb "to linger", which since the XVII century has had the meaning of wasting time or because of lazy.

In the film Mr Deeds Goes to Town, Mr Deeds mentions that "doodle" is a word made to describe a scribble to sustain one's thinking. According to the DVD track audio commentary, the word used in this sense was coined by screenwriter Robert Riskin.

Doodle Art has a history. Do you know the scribbles found in the caves of jama first? it's not true one of the oldest doodle art models, more so before people get to know the writing, where doodling is used as a tool to tell a hereditary story.