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4 Ways to think out of the box that you must understand

It is able to you carry out in order to be able to think outside the box, find new things &not similar than ever experienced &accepted generally people.

Thinking out of the box is looking for new ways of how to increase self-productivity. Not just adding 5% or 10%, but how to multiply it.

Thinking out of the box means you must dare to do something different. That way you can create something that is not similar to others and has more value. Whatever field you like, along with thinking like this can make you more advanced than anyone else. Because someone who thinks out of the box is able to implement something ordinary next so it's amazing.

Then, who first introduced this step of thinking out of the box?

The way of thinking out of the box was first introduced by an English mathematician named Henry Ernest Dudeney through a puzzle he created. In addition to Henry, Edward de Bono is calculated to define the step of thinking outside the box as a lateral thinking step. He said: "One cannot dig a hole in an unequal area along with digging deeper into the same hole." This means that one cannot discover new things, things that are never encountered and experienced at first unless they remain at the same thought. One must dare to take over the determination to emerge from the 'box', the comfort zone owned, then new things, innovations, experiences, and new successes that are unimaginable to be able to approach oneself.

This is calculated to apply to a person who works as an auditor today. Given the rapid flow of information technology that is too fast to change and innovate thoroughly, so to welcome this challenge is required auditor resources that have a unique thinking step today, namely to feel thinking out of the box.



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How to think out of the box.

One thing that many people most often question is how to be able to think outside the box. Here's more than one thing one can do to be able to think outside the box and ultimately discover something new and not similar to what most people have experienced and accepted.

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

Everyone is inclined to enjoy and lulled into the comfort zone that he already has at this time, but it can be a barrier to innovation. Because when a person enjoys his position in a box that he considers too comfortable, he can never afford to see there is an opportunity out there to find a new breakthrough or an improvement over his life level. Therefore, unless one desires to be able to witness and think outside the formalities and frameworks of existing issues, dare to emerge from his comfort zone.

2. Leave no doubt.

Often suspicions manage to cause someone else to think in the box because there is a suspicion whether things that are available outside the box can really bring improvement in life, whether things outside the box are able to provide a new innovation in the work. Doubts must be left behind, because it must be known that there is not a single thing in the world that has no risk. If one desires improvement and breakthrough in life, then not only does it feel like it emerges from that comfort zone, rest assured to climb the box, and immediately emerge from it, then new things that were never imagined can be found.

3. Listen to others, be open, and accept.

The people who think in the box are the ones who never accept the ideas that are popping up around them. They're constantly watching that the next ideas can't work. Therefore, a person who is willing to think outside the box must have the humility to connect himself, accept the opinions and ideas of others, then process them together in ways outside the usual frame of mind.

4. Openness to carrying out things that are not similar and carrying out things together with different steps.

Albert Einstein said, "Only crazy people who want results not similar can but use the same ways."

So, unless asked why thinking out of the box is important, the answer is because we are all over the moment in the concept period. Yes, all the conveniences of technology and the internet signify the time of globalization and you are required to use the next advantage as long as you have creativity.

Then, what are the implications on the development of human resources auditor profession in Indonesia? Remember, that new problems cannot be solved together in old ways.