illustration graphic design line art,ELECTRO BIGRAUND

illustration graphic design line art,ELECTRO BIGRAUND
illustration graphic design line art,ELECTRO BIGRAUND

Electrical circuits or electrical circuits that use ACTIVE and PASSIVE Electronic components such as Transistors and Integrated Circuits (IC Chip), Resistors, Capacitors. Electronic Circuits or Circuits are capable of being very complex,

Consists of Electronic Components.

- Resistor
  - Transistors
  - Capacitors
  - Inductor
  - Diodes
  - Integrated Circuit

Connected with Conductive wires or traces through an electric current capable of flowing.

Combination of components and cables
Enables a variety of simple and complex operations to be performed:
  - The signal is able to be amplified
  - Calculations are capable of being done
  - Data can be moved from one area to another.

ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS Are usually categorized into three parts:
  - ANALOG circuit
  - DIGITAL Circuit
  - HYBRID circuit

Circuits capable of being built from discrete components are connected with Individual pieces of wire, Much more common to make Interconnections with Photolithographic Techniques against Laminated Substrates (Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs) and solders for Interconnection

In Integrated Circuits or ICs, components and interconnections are formed against the same Substrate, usually Semiconductors like Silicon or (less commonly) Gallium Arsenide.


This time voltage circuit or may differ continuously with the time to match the Information represented.

ANALOG Circuit 
Built from two Fundamental building blocks:
  - Series Series
  - Parallel circuit.

SERIES series
The same current through a series of components. A Running lamp string is a good example of a series groove,

PARALLEL circuit
All components that open to the same voltage, and divide the current between the various components match their resistance


Electrical Signals take Discrete values, to represent logical and numerical values. These values represent the Info that is being processed.

In some cases,
Binary Encoding is used:
  - More Positive voltage 5 V
      Binary '1'
  - Voltage value near Ground 0 V
      This is Binary '0'.

Digital Circuitry makes extensive use of transistors, which are interrelated to create logic gates that provide boolean logic benefits:
      AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR 
and the whole possible alloy thereof.


Contains elements from all 2 ANALOG and DIGITAL Circuits

Examples include
  - Comparator
  - Timer
  - Loop phase-locked,
  - Analog-to-Digital Converter
  - Digital-to-Analog Converter.

The most modern radio and communication circuits wear mixed cue circuits.

In Receiver Radio, Analog Circuits are used to amplify and convert signal frequencies so that they achieve a suitable situation to convert to Digital values, after which further signal processing is capable of being performed within the Digital domain.


Project Board or commonly referred to as BreadBoard is the basis of the construction of an electronic circuit and is a prototype of an electronic groove. In modern times this meaning is often used to refer to a special type of board area stringing components, where this board does not need the process of soldering ( directly plug).

illustration graphic design line art,ELECTRO BIGRAUND,
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