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art and illustration graphic design
art and illustration graphic design
art and illustration graphic design
Presentation Background / Slide Background Function
The background of an image or background of a powerpoint presentation slide (or other format) is often seen in the eye by the presentation creator. In fact, together a little devoted to this aspect then you have the opportunity to be more able to direct the thought of the audience so that it is one-sided with you. 

Always Contrast (Photo Background vs Font)

In the use of photo backgrounds, theory needs to appear contrasting. Contrast in the sense of using the background along with the font color to be used. Why? Simple, so it's easier to read. Make sure that the background of the photo you are using is a dark color combination, then make sure the font color you are using is a light one (as in the example above using white as the neutralmost color).

Clean Background

The second principle that you can use is a clean background, in the sense of using only colors in the category of light colors (white to grayish). Its function is to focus what you write. Don't forget, play the words available in the slide so that it comes out simple and lightly legible (don't suffice the slide along with the full post including yes).

Bold Colors

To cause a sense of spirit, you can use the background of your powerpoint presentation with "fierce" or bold colors like dark red, navy blue or green. Again, make sure your font color is forever legible and doesn't collide with the available background color.

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