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Faithful Learning comes from Crocodiles

In every wedding of Nusantara tradition, it can never be separated from gratitude and offerings to God YME. This can be symbolized in various processions as well as objects such as eggs, janur, jasmine flowers, and wedding clothes.

Not only that, luggage or offerings are equally important, including for some people who still respect their cultural value. Like, bringing crocodile bread to the Betawi people.

If you want to hold a wedding, betawi people can never forget to bring crocodile bread. This crocodile bread is about 50 cm long and is forever carried by the groom as one of the necessary offerings during the wedding.

As you know, there are many kinds of goods, such as duwit mahar, jewelry, cloth, kebaya clothes, sandals, beauty tools and other stairs. But on top of that, crocodile bread is paramount. This is because crocodile bread has its own meaning for betawi people, namely as an expression of loyalty of married couples to live as dead.

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Did you get a chance to ask why crocodiles are symbolized as a faithful couple? The answer is because crocodiles themselves are animals that are too loyal to their mates especially including having a long life. So loyal, crocodiles can only mate once in their lifetime.

In addition to loyal animals, crocodiles are among the mighty animals and are able to live in two realms. This includes making crocodiles as a symbol of hope so that the residence of married couples can withstand trials and be able to socialize wherever they are.

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