graphic design logo bird

graphic design logo bird

graphic design logo bird
graphic design logo bird
bird glasses 

The glasses bird aka zosterop is not true of a genus alias of the zosteropidae family, but based on recent phylogeny studies, it is able to become part of the Timaliidae tribe. This group has the largest number of parts. They occur in the realms of Afrotropics, Indomalayas, and Australasia. Species in this group vary structurally in tongue.

The length of the body (from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail) ranges from 8–15cm. The most obvious feature is the presence of a white circle (line) that rotates the eye, although there are some types that do not have it. The surname is derived from the Greek zosterops, meaning "eye belt". bird glasses against usually live in groups, each group is capable of consisting of more than 4 birds of glasses. to distinguish between male and female birds usually along with looking at the shape of the tail and including the thin / thin glasses contained in approximately the bird's eye.

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It's not just birds that are cool with glasses, you can also, let's not miss it,, look confident.

Maui Jim The Bird Rectangular Sunglasses

bird glasses sunglasses
bird glasses sunglasses


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