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7 Benefits of Haircuts (Not Just Style)

Hair is the crown of the head. This expression shows how hair has an important role in protecting appearance. One way to make hair look beautiful is to get a haircut regularly. Did you know that hair cutting activities include bringing a number of benefits that are more than just 'style'? So, what are the benefits of a haircut?

Benefits of Haircuts: From Hairstyles To Hair Health Hair Cutting routinely mostly has the goal to make hair look stylish with the desired hairstyle, right? But unconsciously. Haircuts include claimed to add benefits related to hair health Really so? Here are the benefits of haircuts that are important for you to know.

 1. Hair Looks Thick Actually, cutting hair does not make the hair will grow so it will not be thin later, like the one that has been believed all along. However, short hair will look less thin than long hair. Because, short hair tends to be blunt on the tip members, which in this subject adds the impression of hair is not thin and dark.

adi, the benefits of cutting hair is not to increase the thickness of the hair, but rather to make it look thick. 

2. Hair So Long Quickly Cut hair, especially in the tip of the hair resulting in the benefits of cutting the ends of the hair, ie the hair grows longer. However, this subject must be supported by a number of other facets, such as hormones, hair properties, age, body health, to nutrients that enter your body. Ideally, you are advised to cut hair 1.5 – 2 months once the benefits of maximizing the benefits of cutting hair on this one.

 3. Overcoming Branched Hair One of the cases of hair that is often experienced is branched hair. The condition of forked hair begins from the tip of the hair that has been weakened due to weakening of the hair layer of the inner member (cortex). The next weakened cortex is the tail comes from the damage to the outer layer of the hair (cuticle) due to a number of hairdressing methods such as bleaching, colouring, and so on. Cuticles that should be tasked with protecting the cortex, due to damage, do not re-benefit as they should, so that the cortex that has a rough texture is more prone to break and lead to the condition of branched hair. Shampoo products and conditioners specifically broken hair is not too capable of handling the case of this hair. You are obliged to compensate by handling other branched hair, not the other right with a haircut. The benefits of a haircut are not true only including being able to handle the case of branched hair. To do this, cut your hair regularly every 8-10 weeks.

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 4. Overcoming Hair Loss In addition to branched hair, dealing with hair loss is another routine haircut that is rarely realized. Because, a haircut will actually make the structure of the hair bar so strong so that the hair does not easily fall out. Therefore, hair experts recommend that we at least once every 2 months cut the hair. However, balance including this hair care by eating nutritious foods that are good for the health of the hair, such as foods that contain vitamin D and vitamin E.

 5. Overcoming Thin Hair Because of the ongoing hair loss, automatically your hair will be so thin. That is why, cutting hair is able to prevent you from having thin hair, which is certainly able to reduce the aesthetics of the hair. However, do not forget to optimize the intake of nutris for your hair so that the process of hair development can run smoothly.

 6. Caring for Hair Layer There are 3 (three) layers on your hair. The outermost layer is called the cuticle, and it contains amino acids. Meanwhile, the middle layer referred to as the crust has a fat content and includes protein. Lastly, it is an inner layer called a medulla. Interestingly, not everyone has a medulla layer on their hair, i.e. those with no thick hair or blonde hair. About 90% of the hair layer consists of proteins, as well as amino acids in large quantities. In order to launch the production of the next two substances so that the hair layer remains strong, then cutting hair is not the right one solution. Yes, the benefits of haircuts include covering the benefits of layer care on the hair.

 7. Preventing Early Baldness The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) revealed that the average hair development per month reaches 1.27 – 2.54 cm. However, there is an era where hair undergoes an empty development (hiatus growth), in which this condition is gradually able to create baldness.

The benefit of cutting hair is to stimulate the development of hair in the hair follicles, so that the hair is maintained growth. What is the Ideal Length of Haircut Time? Please note, that hair development is influenced by a number of factors, such as: Hereditary (genetic) Character of hair Age Health body Drugs Further, hair development is divided into more than one phase, namely: Anagen, hair grows actively within a period of 2-8 years. Katagen, hair stops growing for a while, that is, between 4-6 weeks Telogen, hair undergoes natural loss, which lasts for 2 -3 months The average scalp has a content of 90 -95% follicles when entering the anagen phase. Then, the amount of hair quantity in the telogen phase is approximately 5-10 percent. This results in the fact that there are approximately 100 -150 strands of hair loss per day. Dr. Melissa, a skin and hair specialist from Cleveland Clinic, USA, said that the activity of cutting hair according to the condition of the hair comes from each person.

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