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Magic! Scissors Have Many Unexpected Uses, Cook so Easy!

Did you know that unless scissors have other functions, not just cutting food packaging?

These uses also include being able to facilitate our cooking activities.

Scissors have a sharp facet that is almost similar with a knife.

The difference is, scissors have 2 facets that make it more practical.

Want to know what scissors do for cooking?

Find out below, let's go!

1. Make a hole against the can

Sometimes we do not crave to use sweetened condensed milk as a whole.

Then don't open the sweetened condensed lid in its entirety.

It is better to hole one part so that it is able to be stored and durable.

If there is no can opener, we are able to cause a hole with scissors.

Scissors are able to be knocked together cobek so that the process of perforating is easier.

But be careful, don't tear your hands.

2. Throw away some bread

Not satisfied the edges of the bread are brown?

Instead of ripping it off and causing the bread to get ugly, it's better to just cut it off.

3. Cutting out food for children

Food for children is generally prepared in small form so that it is lightly eaten.

Well, scissors are capable we used to cut spaghetti so it's not very long.

It can be included for cutting bread, broccoli, to sausages.

But make sure the scissors are thoroughly washed, yes

4. Cutting pizza

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Looks like it's fun to have your own pizza at home!

But when it's ready, we just remember except we don't have pizza cutters.

Don't worry, we're always able to cut the pizza together with a similar piece of flat with scissors.

The pieces are neat and must be cut together one way.

Thus the function of scissors to facilitate cooking activities.

So practical, right?

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